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Zombies have become the norm in the past few years. From exciting PC games like Left 4 Dead to mainstream TV shows like The Walking Dead, who doesn’t love it? They’re everywhere and at this point, it’s only natural for games to focus on zombies.


But Zombie Frontier 3 is not your typical zombie shooter! It has plenty of decent graphics and entertaining gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours! Are you ready to become the best zombie gun survivor?

in front of the undead

Like any other zombie story, the game begins with an ordinary busy life. After a fateful night, everything changes! For a moment, everything suddenly turned red with blood and zombies everywhere. Someone has illegally distributed a zombie vaccine that turns ordinary people into undead! The disaster soon became an imminent end. What are you going to do?


As usual, you are the only one who survived this mess. It was all around you by your friends and family. Now, you need to arm and protect yourself from becoming zombies as well. Survival is the only option now, so stay focused! Your survival is the only hope for mankind!

Zombie Frontier 3 immersive gameplay

Like many zombie games out there, Zombie Frontier 3 is a first-person shooter zombie game. You are a soldier in a world full of zombies. In this game, you can experience what it’s like to be alone and protect yourself. The realistic graphics along with the scary zombies make it a really interesting experience.


Nothing much can be said about the gameplay except that it is adrenaline pumping! Unlike other FPS games, here your character will move automatically so you don’t have to worry at all. Your only task is to aim and shoot the zombies before they get to you. Master the controls to quickly switch between weapons or throw grenades at the hordes of zombies in front of you. You also need to inject adrenaline injections to save the ordinary people you see. Try to get as many survivors as possible. On the other hand, try to get as many headshots as possible with zombies.

Zombie Frontier 3 features

To prove that Zombie Frontier 3 is not your typical zombie game, we’ve put these features together. We can only say that it is very tempting! See for yourself:

Miscellaneous missions – In this game, you don’t go out and shoot zombies. Instead, you need to complete tasks and missions. There are different missions that you have to complete like rescue mission, sniper missions and zombie horde missions. In each mission, you are tasked with completing all four stages before encountering a boss. But don’t worry, you are not alone in this world. You can team up with other players to take part in sniper missions. Learn to communicate with them and make friends with them so you can truly enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

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Incredible weapons – In this game, your weapons are your primary protection against zombies. That is why this game has not shy away from providing only the best for you. These beautifully crafted weapons are at your disposal. Choose from different categories like shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols and machine guns. There are common weapons like AK-47, Desert Eagle, and more. Like any other shooting game, each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses. Learning them is imperative in order to maximize their usefulness. For example, shotguns are good for close range while sniper rifles are best used for long distance battles. Finally, you can also upgrade your weapons to increase your rate of fire and damage output.


Realistic graphics and sound – What makes this zombie shooter a truly immersive experience is when the graphics and sounds are cohesive and realistic. These two elements make for a fun and exciting time for games when they are successfully combined. Zombie Frontier 3 uses realistic graphics and amazing sound effects to give a real impression of the zombie apocalypse world.

Tips to become the best zombie killer

Zombie games may seem as simple as mindless shooting but there is more to it than that. In Zombie Frontier 3, you need sound strategy and strong will to fight constantly with hordes of zombies. Luckily for you, we have collected some tips that will help you survive:


aim for the boss – As in real life, a bullet to the head almost always guarantees death. This is also true in this game as head shots will give zombies a hard time. To do this, it is necessary to aim all zombies in your sights. Try shooting in small bursts to reduce recoil, it will make your shots more accurate!

Upgrade your starting guns – Needless to say, upgrading your guns at the beginning is a great tip to follow. In this game, you will start with M10 and M629 rifles. Instead of using your coins to buy a new weapon, use them to upgrade your existing ones first. Focus on maxing out the levels of your first two guns in order to do more damage. This is much better than having weapons that haven’t even been upgraded.

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Know when to swap weapons – In some cases, reloading may not be an option. Hordes of zombies may quickly approach you, so your only option is to switch to a secondary weapon like a pistol. This will allow you to buy enough time and keep the zombies away. Once you clear the space, you can switch to your primary weapon and reload it for another use. Very neat, isn’t it?

Download Zombie Frontier 3 APK

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