Zombie Catchers Mod APK (Unlimited Money) Download 1.30.29

What is the best way to make a profit from the zombie apocalypse? That’s easy – turn them into fresh juice. What? Not a very attractive drink? Maybe there is something wrong with your taste because these monsters love it!


Zombie Catchers is a fun twist on the Zombie Apocalypse genre. This little green monster is optimistic – he sees the money to be made from these zombies.

In an unusual and ridiculous twist of fate, zombies are running away from you! Equip yourself with the harpoon and net and get ready to hunt the fresh and ripe zombie prey!

Find and capture zombies

First, the capturing part and deciding where to play. This green monster will need to find its prey before going out and flipping it for cash. Once you’ve identified a horde of zombies, it’s time to go hunting!

zombie-catchers-apk-new update

This first aspect of the gameplay follows the style of adventure and action. Rush towards these living losers as they try to escape from you. Catch them and slow them down with the harpoon.

Once you see a hole, it’s time to capture it with your net!

Turn zombies into rewarding cash

Once you get enough of these suckers, it’s time to start squeezing! Squeeze into your own juicer machine and mash these cool stuff into a delicious drink!

zombie-catchers-apk-latest version

That’s right, you heard 100% correct. Zombie juice is all the rage these days. Everyone rushes, money on hand for a delicious glass of juice.

You will make some good money from your drinks, which can be used to collect more gadgets and tools to catch zombies more efficiently.

Extra features:

Some additional features to make the game more enjoyable for players are:

  • Of course, you can hunt zombies using the harpoon gun, traps, and various gear that you collect along the way.
  • Unlock hunting gear and additional weapons like guns, nets and more traps to block any zombie whim.
  • Not only can you turn it into a smoothie, but you can also turn it into candy and snacks! Customers are hungry and zombies are the best treat in these times of apocalypse.
  • Build your empire by creating more and more delicious dishes to serve hungry customers!
  • Also discover more areas and locations on your map to find different types of zombies! The more rare it is, the better treatment you can switch to it.
  • Unleash your drones to locate any hordes of zombies hiding. No one will escape your wrath.
  • In addition, you can attract zombie bosses and capture them from your ship safely. They will definitely sell for a fortune!

There are many great features for you to discover on your own. Download the game to understand all the things you can do!

Graphics and sound

The game looks and sounds great, for the cartoonish zombie apocalypse. Zombies look like monsters, but who cares. The animation and smoothness of the game make it very enjoyable to watch.


The soundtrack is also good. Listen to some good music on your mission to hunt down zombies and make profits!

Zombie Catchers Mod APK – Unlimited Money,P.Lutonium and coins

If you want to avoid the boring grind and enjoy the game to the fullest, you should get Zombie Catchers Mod APK with All levels unlocked.

With all this, you can enjoy the best of action platforms at absolutely no cost. So download the mod version of the profitable zombie game that everyone is talking about!

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