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Download Y99 Chat APK – Social Messaging App

Messaging apps exist to connect us with people regardless of our locations. These are possible using smartphones and the internet. But there are also people who crave companionship.

In this case, Y99 Chat is suitable as it is a combination of Facebook and Messenger. Basically, you can chat with strangers from all over the world.

Although this is a social messaging app, you still need to create an account and login. Unlike Omegle where you can be completely anonymous, the app asks for your personal information to create an account.

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But its strongest feature is the ability to connect you with random people around the world. You can chat with them by video, text, or just by voice. It is a complete messaging app that contains everything you need to make friends, lovers and companions.

Introduction to Y99 Chat

Chatting has become the norm today with the help of various social media and messaging apps. But Y99 Chat combines social media and messaging to create a complete app.

While it didn’t reinvent the wheel, there are still many new items to look forward to. The main feature is that users can talk to anyone in the world through chat and video chat. This is coupled with some social features, and you can make many friends here.

Using it is a bit different than Facebook or Instagram because it combines many elements into one. It often looks like a messaging app where you can also join chat rooms.

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To talk to anyone, you don’t need to add them as a friend or follow them. You can also go back to your message history whenever you want. With these features, you can connect with almost anyone and make relationships last.

Social messaging application

Y99 Chat is a popular messaging app from MatchSticky.com. It has got more than 50,000 downloads so far and it is available all over the world. So, you can match with anyone easily.

This app works like any other social media app, but it combines messaging elements in it. As such, you can search for chat rooms for different interests like sports, dating, and much more. You can then talk to group members and even talk to yourselves.

The app allows you to search for people and add them to your list so that you can easily contact them. In a way, Y99 Chat is a dating app, messaging app, and social media app all rolled into one.

Chat or video chat

When you want to talk to people, you can do it through chat or video chat. When chatting, users can send emojis, photos, and other files if needed. For video chatting, users can choose to talk with video and audio on or not.

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The app also allows you to save your conversations so you can go back to them. The great thing is that everything is free so you can use this to contact your family and friends.

But its greatest strength is the ability to randomly match with strangers and chat/video chat with them. This is where you can make friends or lovers if that’s what you need.

Post anything

Apart from chatting, Y99 Chat also allows users to indulge in posts. It works like any social media app where anyone can post videos, memes and blog posts. This makes the app have more content so that people can talk about more topics.

Users can also read news and post anything they want.

Create an account for free

Creating an account is easy as you can do it in a few minutes. It’s free and you can set up your account with a nickname and a photo with your personal data. After that, you can login and start chatting with people.

Night mode and spam free

Y99 Chat also has a night mode feature that turns the screen from white to black. This is perfect for late night conversations, so as not to strain your eyes. The app is also spam-free as bots will crawl and remove any spam.

y99 chat apk

It is a known fact that a lot of social media apps are full of people who just want to promote something or scam someone. But Y99 Chat will make you chat with people safely thanks to many security features.

Download Y99 Chat APK – latest version

Chatting with strangers is more fun with Y99 Chat! Download it for free to make friends or date someone.

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