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Society has advanced so much that now we can not even worry about communicating with other people in other corners of the world. Now, thanks to advances in technology, we can now communicate with anyone anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Apart from that, we now have these amazing apps which help us to do a lot of features.

Download Whatsapp Aero for Android

Nowadays, we have a lot of instant messaging applications that allow us to communicate with our friends and loved ones abroad. There are apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, WeChat, and WhatsApp. But even though these apps are powerful, they don’t allow for complete customization. It is still limited in terms of themes, controls, and other useful features. This is why developers are always looking for apps that serve practical use. WhatsApp Aero is an application that allows you to have unrestricted access to all the features of WhatsApp. Read on to find out more!

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What is WhatsApp Aero?

The popularity of instant messaging applications has skyrocketed in recent years. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and more, we are seeing more and more such apps being released. These are must-have apps because they allow us to communicate with anyone across the world regardless of their location. These apps do that and more!

The most popular instant messaging applications today are Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber, Kakaotalk, and WhatsApp. But even with these powerful apps, they do not allow users to fully customize it to their full potential. This is why apps like WhatsApp Aero exist to solve these problems. This app features all the functions of WhatsApp but with more features! This application allows you to use the full potential of instant messaging. Here, you can change the theme, hide any media from the gallery, disable message forwarding, decide who can contact you, hide tags, change font styles, set up auto reply, send photos and videos, set app password, schedule messages, add Instagram style stories to your status, and more!

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Apart from all that, the app is capable of basic functions like chats and calls. And unlike other WhatsApp apps, this one does not require you to uninstall the original app. This means that this app can work as a secondary app along with the original one. You don’t have to worry anymore about WhatsApp blocking some features. Here, you can also fully customize your home screen thanks to the 14 different themes available. In addition, there are more than 3,000 themes in this app! Talk about a really amazing app. Now you don’t need to use a third party app or root your phone just to use these features. Read on to find out more.

WhatsApp Aero features

WhatsApp Aero is really a great instant messaging app because it allows users to completely customize the look of the app. Apart from that, they could use some great features that are not found anywhere else. here they are:

Basic functions – The app allows you to use it just as you would any other instant messaging app! This means that it has chat, calls, media sending and more functions. It’s just like WhatsApp but with the extra functionality that people would like to have on the real app. But the developers have personally created this great app to make up for the lack of functionality of other apps. For this reason, this app can act as your go-to instant messaging app if you don’t want to use popular apps.

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Share photos and videos – The original WhatsApp allows users to send media files such as photos and videos. However, there was a huge drawback as they imposed a limit on the number of photos you could send at once and the size of the video files you were sending. But in WhatsApp Aero, the limits have been raised – even higher than they used to be. Here, you can share up to 10 photos in a single message. Apart from that, you can also share videos up to 100MB in size. This allows you to use the app for more than just your usual instant messaging app.

Titanium Backup – Although instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger are powerful, they do have limitations. They do not have a backup feature like with WhatsApp Aero. In this app, it features something called Titanium Backup where it automatically backs up user data! This is a great feature because most of our data nowadays can be found on the internet. Our apps take care of your chat history, contacts, media files, and more. One wrong move and it can be deleted permanently.

set app password – Another great feature that this app has is that it allows the users to set a password for the app. This is great if you don’t want anyone to snoop on your messages and files! It can be a real lifesaver if you just want to protect this app.

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hide media – Apart from that, you can also hide media in this app. This app can be your vault for various media like photos, videos, GIFs, files and more! This is where you can hide those if you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

change attributes – Perhaps the only function that will amaze almost anyone is the ability to change the look in this app! In the original application, users were not allowed to change the appearance. But here, there are over 3,000 themes to choose from! You can literally change up your look every single day if you want to.

change fonts – Apart from that, you can even change your fonts to make it more interesting! This will allow users to show off their personality and dash.

prevent deletion – Here, you can also set anti-delete so you don’t delete any of your statuses and messages by mistake! Now you can keep it forever if you wish.

hide tick – Have you ever wanted your privacy so much that you would like to hide blue ticks? Now you can with WhatsApp Aero! Apart from that, it also allows you to hide single tick and double tick. Now, you don’t have to worry about what your contact thinks because they don’t know if you saw their message or not.


Conversation screen customization – Apart from that, you can customize the conversation screen to make it more lively.

Emoji variants – Here, there are so many emojis that you can use! You can also add Facebook emoji to your conversation!

WhatsApp Aero APK – latest version

WhatsApp Aero is a great app that allows you to completely customize the app to your liking! Download the latest version now.

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