Westland Survival APK 4.4.2 Free Download for Android

Prove that you got the salt to survive in the harsh conditions of the Wild West. Download Westland Survival APK for Android to join the action of an MMORPG where your survival hangs in the balance. Build your home, defend your land, and explore this huge open world to make a living and bring justice to the people.


You can roam the grounds on your horse, hunting deer and buffalo for food, then return to camp and prepare a meal before heading out into the woods to collect wood to make your home even bigger. The realism of this game is what makes it so addictive. You will have the full day to day experience of what it is like to live in the Wild West.

But be careful, you are not the only player with a gun in his hand… You will encounter enemies throughout the game, including people who want to rob you or just challenge you to a mexican showdown. Make sure you are ready to pull out your gun and shoot some justice back at these bandits!

Massive online survival game

In the game, you will explore different areas of the Wild West to find various ores and other resources which you can then use to build things and expand your claim to the land. You will be able to make things for yourself, such as clothes, things for your home, and more.

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As you roam through the lands, you’ll encounter all the dangers of the land – none more dangerous than for other players! People will be out to steal, kill for fun, or some other way wrong, so make sure you are ready to defend yourself against all these threats.

The game has amazing console-level graphics, which definitely adds to the fun when playing the game. You will feel like you are really in the game, which makes playing it more fun for hours on end.

Tips for playing Westland Survival APK

If you’re going to survive in this massive game, you’ll need some pro tips from experienced players – here are some of the tips we found to be the most helpful while playing the game.


Clear your home base: You will start at your home base – you can find a broken cart with a knife which you will use to kill everyone in your home base. From here you can start building a house.

Build your house as quickly as possible: Get out there and chop down some trees for lumber, then get to work building your first home. This will allow you to set up a work bench and store items, which are essential for leveling up in the game.


Protect your home: You will quickly realize that a very convenient way to get more resources is to steal them from other players. Obviously, other players have also thought about this fact, so your house will be a target. Make sure you invest time and resources in protecting your home and creating solid walls. Also, try to keep an eye on her to make sure you don’t lift your stuff!


Build a well ASAP: You will be able to build a well once you reach level 8. Don’t waste any time doing it! You’ll need this to get water in the game, which is essential to your survival.

Download Westland Survival APK

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