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Do you want to track your internet usage online? There is no ethical way to do this if you are hiring someone to do it. However, you can download some apps that have a clever way of doing this which is to use other apps to see if they are online. With this, you can see the times a user has been online so you can keep a close eye on them. If you are looking for the best one, download WaStat now and monitor up to 10 profiles using their WhatsApp accounts!

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Published by Peanut Butter Inc, this application allows you to track the profiles of users using their WhatsApp account. This means you can monitor up to 10 people whether you are a caring parent or friend. You can then see how much time they spend online each day so you can analyze their data throughout the month. You can also receive notifications when they are online which is a convenient feature. With this said, you don’t have to keep a close eye on them, you can even do it with your phone!

What is WaStat?

There are so many things we can do online today especially with our phones. It has become easier to connect with the world from the comfort of our homes. Now, we have access to many apps, messaging tools, games and much more thanks to the internet. But with this blessing comes the curse of becoming addicted to their phones like so many people over the past years. So, whether you’re a caring parent, lover, or friend, you can easily monitor anyone’s online usage!

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What this means is that you will be able to see how many times the user has been online and used their phones. With this, you can make informed decisions because you have this app as a guide. Here, you can track up to 10 people provided they all have a WhatsApp account. This application monitors the WhatsApp account of the target which allows you to know the times when they were online. With this, you can easily see and analyze their stats when they are online.

Now, you can also see notifications once the target is online! With this, you can easily track anyone you want today.

WaStat highlights

If you are someone who wants to monitor a user’s internet usage, you are in the right place! WaStat is a genius tool that you can use today.

Track anyone using WhatsApp – We use the internet today so much that some people get addicted to it. Most people today cannot control the amount of time they spend online because they have no way of knowing. If you are addicted, you are biased about your perception of time spent online. So, you can then use WaStat so you can keep track of your internet usage today! With this app, you can easily track anyone’s internet usage online!

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Now, you can track up to 10 profiles which can be 10 people or using any device. With this, you can monitor their internet usage online using their WhatsApp account as a reference point. With this, you can see when they are online and how many minutes and hours they spend each day on the internet. You can then analyze their data in the most appropriate way possible.

Monitor up to 10 profiles – Whether you are a parent, friend, lover or anyone else, you can use WaStat freely! You can track internet usage data of any person provided they have a WhatsApp account. In this app, you can track up to 10 profiles which means you can freely track any person and device if you wish. Just enter the name and WhatsApp number and the app will automatically track their internet usage.

Show time slots – A useful feature of this app that you might like is that it features user periods. This means that you can see when a user was completely online and when they went offline. With this, you can see exactly when they access and use their phone. This is useful if you are a parent trying to enforce a curfew with your children. It is also useful for other things as you can see exactly when they were online.

Whatsapp tracker mod apk download

Get notifications – Another great feature of WaStat is that you can receive notifications when a user is online! You will receive this notification immediately on your phone no matter how far you are from them. With this, you can see if the target is behaving within the requested permission.

data analysis – Analyzing data throughout the month is also easier with this app! Now, you can easily see their usage thanks to the charts shown here.

Download WaStat (WhatsApp Online Tracker) APK – Free Subscription

Get the most powerful online tracking tool with WaStat! Monitor up to 10 profiles now for free.

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