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There are a lot of self-proclaimed car enthusiasts out there today. They claim to know a million things about cars but all they have done is just play a lot of racing games. But if you are not that guy and you are looking for the best car game to play then try Tuning Club Online. Published by Two Headed Shark Shark, this game takes car racing to a different level!

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The most remarkable difference of this game from others is that it is an online car racing game where you can race and interact with online players in real time. Apart from that, you can make races, chat with them, and drift. But there is also a lot of engine tuning that you can do yourself so you can build a car better suited to your racing needs!

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Racing is one of the most popular sports around the world. There are a lot of tournaments and championships held annually all over the world which are enjoyed by a lot of car lovers. But for people who don’t own a car or can’t legally race, there are always racing games to relieve the longing. Tuning Club Online is one of the most popular games today with more than a million players enjoying it.

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The thing that separates Tuning Club Online from others is that it is an online driving game. This means that you will see a lot of cars on the street that you can interact with and race with. Apart from that, you will enjoy building and tuning your car. You can customize a lot of car parts such as tires, wheels, bumpers, body kits, spoilers, hoods and even skins. There are also FBI lights, clown heads, taxi signs and more crazy add-ons that you can put on. Moreover, you can tune your car engine so that it becomes faster and more powerful. You can build a new engine, combine parts, modify different parts and more. There are a lot of cars that you can buy and sell too!

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Do you love cars so much that you wish you could race them? In the real world, this is off-limits unless you’re participating in a tournament. But in Tuning Club Online, you can race all you want!

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online driving game – If you have been into racing games for a while, you might have played popular games like Need for Speed ​​and the Asphalt series. But if you are looking for a racing game that has more interactions with real players online, then you should try Tuning Club Online. Similar to GTA online, this game allows you to drive along the city and in different locations with your car. You will also be able to see other players in the same city so you can interact and make friends with them. Here, everyone is connected in the same network, so what you see is done by real players. Talk to them and go on adventures together!

Customize your car’s exterior – One of the fun things about owning a car is being able to customize it and show the world your creativity! In this game, you are free to buy and customize the exterior of your car with many things. There are bumpers, body kits, spoilers, vinyl, tires, hoods and much more. You can select a custom look, install a taxi sign, unique exhaust pipes and much more. Basically, there are a lot of options for people like you who want to change your cars to the extreme.

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engine tuning – Of course, you can also let your inner mechanic in Tuning Club Online. Here, you can build and customize your engine according to your play style. There are enough customizations to do and parts to buy so you can create a powerful car! You can position the piston, adjust the camshaft, crankshaft, flywheel, and more. You can also experiment and combine different rare parts to create powerful ones. If you are looking to drift a lot, you can also try changing the tires to get the best grip you are looking for! In short, you can upgrade and tune your car to make it better every time. Of course, you just need money to do that.

Race with real players – After tuning your car, it’s time to hit the racetracks! In this game, you can ride or race with people around you. There are different game modes such as Speed ​​Race, Drift Mode, Crown Mode, and Bomb Mode!

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Are you looking for the perfect car game to play online? Enjoy Tuning Club Online today!

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