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Open world games with gangster style gameplay are very popular these days. But the creators of these games are the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise. This franchise single-handedly changed the way we play games today. Thanks to their innovations, the games are of high quality and very interesting. If you like the GTA series, you will love this game!

Truck Driver City Smash Mod APK

Truck Driver City Crush is a game developed by Naxeex Studio and has more than 10 million downloads in Google Play Store. In this game world, the streets are filled with criminal clans who control the streets. You are in this city to make money by using your abilities. There are a lot of quests and daring missions in this game that will give you rewards. No one can dare to stop you! Read on to find out more.

What is Truck Driver City Crush?

What if you lived in a world where anything is possible? You can get what you want instantly and you can rule the streets with your fists. What can you achieve? Would you play such a game? In the world of Truck Driver City Crush, criminal clans rule the streets. It is up to you to embark on challenging missions that will push you beyond your limits.

truck-driver-city-rush-apk latest version

Truck Driver City Crush is a popular open world game with over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In this game, you can shoot people, steal cars and bikes, upgrade your character, and complete missions to get rewards! Anything is permitted in this world as long as you have the courage to do so. Can you become the ultimate gangster? Read on to find out more.

Features of city smash truck driver

Truck Driver City Crush is a cool 3D gangster game in an open world. In this game, you will complete missions and tasks to earn more money. Rule the streets in Truck Driver City Crush! Here are its features:

open world game – Open world games are popping up left and right. Thanks to the success of the GTA series, we’ve seen more and more games adapt this style. But if you are looking for a game similar to that hit game, you are in the right place! Truck Driver City Crush borrows a lot of the elements that have made the GTA franchise successful. But in this game, there are more intense missions and more items! Drive around the city in cool sports cars or just shoot people. The sky is the limit!


Lots of tasks – In Truck Driver City Crush, the mission system is similar to that of the GTA series. Here, there are tasks that you need to complete. Varies by difficulty and genre. But one thing is for sure – completing them will give you rewards! Depending on the mission, you may experience team battles, roam the city and go on all kinds of adventures!

Development – The beauty of Truck Driver City Crush is that it allows you to upgrade your character. In this game, you can constantly upgrade your dexterity, accuracy, stamina, and strength. Doing so will allow you to complete tasks faster and earn more money!

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3D graphics – Open world games don’t really work if the 3D graphics are bad. Thankfully in Truck Driver City Crush the graphics are amazing! The graphics in this game are a breath of fresh air. They have powerful animations, smooth gameplay, and realistic physics!

Easy controls – The controls of Truck Driver City Crush are so easy that you’re familiar with them even without playing it yet. Here, you can move your character around using the virtual pad on the left. Then you can find the shoot and jump button and the gun selector on the right.

Download Truck Driver City Crush APK

Truck Driver City Crush is an epic open world gangster game that allows you to play with missions! download now!

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