Traffic Run Mod APK 2.1.3 (Free Shopping) Free Download 2023

How good are you at driving? Download Traffic Run mod APK to find out by dodging crazy drivers and reach the final goal. This is one of those simple but very addictive games that will push you to your wits’ end!


You will start at an intersection and you will need to control the car as it bounces back and forth and dodge the mental lunatics who are not about to stop for you. You will have to stay between other cars and trucks and try not to hit them or make them drive into your ass.

Timing is everything in this game and precise accelerator control will be necessary to avoid hitting anyone. It is a very tense game that will have you playing it for hours on end.

If you can dodge the traffic, you can dodge the ball!

The simple games are often the best games. They assign you one challenge and force you to do whatever it takes to meet that challenge. This is indeed the case with Traffic Run APK. Your only job is to get the car to where you want to go without hitting anyone else in the traffic – but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You will need to practice a lot before you can withdraw from the later levels easily.


You’ll have to time oncoming trains and drive through railroad crossings, speed up to jump over cliffs and rivers, and then join the highway at the end of it all – it’s a crazy game, that’s for sure!

There are hundreds of levels to play through, all of which are unique. There are also quite a few ads, but by turning off your internet connection you won’t have to watch a lot of them.

traffic-run-apk latest version

Collect gold coins and use them to buy new cars and upgrade them in the garage. Pimp your ride and take it to the streets for some extreme dodging action.

Tips for playing Traffic Run APK

As mentioned before, the game is challenging. If you want to play your best, read our top tips to unleash your potential and dominate the game. It will be more fun if you are good at playing – so pay attention.

  • Beware of the brakes: your brakes very The car will basically come to a stop as soon as you lift your finger off the screen, so be sure to master a kind of “tap technique” where you carefully apply acceleration and braking to maintain a steady speed.
Download Traffic Run for Android
  • Near Miss Points: You are given a “near miss” when you come Too close To crash into another car, but just don’t do it. You’ll get some extra points for doing this, so if you feel like you’re already a pro at the game, try this move to earn more points. Just be warned – it’s called a near miss for a reason…
  • Watch ads to revive: Once in a while, you’ll practically wipe out the entire mission, only to be hit by a driver on Sunday and lose all of your progress. The game gives you the chance to freshen up by watching a quick ad. It’s worth doing, to save you from throwing your phone against a wall — it’s also just enough time to calm your road rage.

Traffic Run Mod APK – Free Shopping

If you can’t wait to buy all those cool cars and upgrade the hell out of them, download Traffic Run mod APK Unlock all cars, no ads to play the game with unlimited resources to spend on cars and customizations in the garage.

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