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Are you looking for an addictive yet realistic car game? Become a motorsport manager and compare car stats to decide which car is the best for the time. Better yet, feel the excitement of discovering who actually makes it to the finish line first. It’s an all-in-one game for car enthusiasts!

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Do you feel this is just another ordinary racing game? Think again. Top Drives is not just about racing. You have to take on the role of motorsport manager and strategize your way to victory. Decide which cards you want to race on and when to race, sell or merge. Plan your every move or you’ll hit the slope!

Simple gameplay

What makes this car racing game different is the simplicity of how you play the game itself. Do you see these kids leaning at their screens and focusing on every turn? You don’t do that here. This is actually a great thing because you won’t want to stick your eyes to the screen or point your phone in public.

For those of you collectors, this takes you back in time, too. Do you remember when you collected cards and put them into pocket sleeves? This gives you exactly the same feeling! Opening a new pack gives you the same excitement and the stats on these cards are real too. In addition to that, stats matter a lot more in the game than they used to be.

Strategy goes a long way

As we emphasized, your strategy is an important part of the game. In addition, your knowledge of cars will also help you a lot. The stats you’re dealing with are realistic, so knowing what type of vehicle and tires are best for pulling the mileage is just as important as looking at how high the numbers are indicated. This part can get tricky!

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During the first part of the game, you will not have a wide selection of cars yet. There will be times when you will have duplicates too which is completely normal. This is when the strategy comes into play. See those 5 matches in the photo above? You need to carefully customize the cars in your hand that will give you a higher chance of winning.

Take your choices seriously because once you make them, that’s it. You cannot rearrange it. Sometimes you need to make tough calls too, and that’s especially true if you’re a real motorsport manager.

Never ending content

The best drives are almost sure to keep you entertained for as long as you play them. As you win and from time to time you can open packs with new cars that allow you to upgrade your existing collection or combine it with another. This usually makes players into a frenzy to get more packs!

In addition, after feeling victorious from winning the previous challenge or match, you experience another level. A new level is definitely more difficult and may require you to rethink your strategies. Note that it may take a few days to see which of your cars will beat your opponent. Road and weather conditions play a role in whether you actually win the Tour.

Different playing modes

We were serious when we said this game wouldn’t bore you. In Singleplayer mode, there are a lot of levels and continents for you to beat. Apart from that, you have the Events mode where you have different themes and new special events take place every day as well! Not to mention that you have a challenge mode where you will face consecutive difficult levels. On the brighter side, when you defeat the boss, you get their cars!

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Here’s the thing: we’re all tired of playing against computers all the time, right? Plus, after a while, we notice a pattern and stumble into one strategy that ruins the suspense and excitement. Don’t let this happen to you in such a great game! Top Drives features a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends. This is also the time to boost your collection and your knowledge of cars.

Tips for running the best drives

Build your garage – A good rule of thumb is to equip yourself with different types of cars and wheels. Then visualize a good mix in your hand. You may want to get a car that performs well on the off-road, track.

Repeat each level – Here’s a secret: do you remember which cards you clicked on after each match? That’s a total of 15 cards. Get more money, cars and experience by replaying the level and clicking on the cards you left behind.

Pay attention to the conditions and statistics – Before customizing your cars, make sure you understand the road and weather conditions. Then match them to the right tires and vehicle type.

See all stats – Apart from the easily visible stats you see in front of the cards, try flipping the cards as well. This gives you a better understanding of your vehicle’s capability. It is best to compare stats with your opponent during matches. This gives you a better winning effect!

Upgrade & Fuse – Now you understand what kind of cars you have, their stats and tire types. The next thing you should do is actually improve your cars! Don’t settle for stock parts and expect to win every time.

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The first thing to do is to upgrade each part. This requires in-game cash but most of the time, the difference between your car and your opponent’s car is a better engine!

After you’ve maxed out your upgrade, it’s time to merge! Compact cars increase their potential. This unlocks a new set of upgrades too!

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Repeating levels to get as many resources as possible can be stressful and boring. If you’re not interested in that, you shouldn’t force yourself to watch those ads! Don’t let gold spoil your experience, download the unlimited money mod now!

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