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Tinder is the most popular dating app in the world that allows you to chat and meet single people in your area. The rules are simple, swipe right if you like it, left if you don’t. If you both swipe right on each other, they’re a match and you can talk to them.

Simple dating app

It is very difficult to go wrong with Tinder APK as it is so easy to use. Just do a short bio explaining a bit about yourself and upload some decent photos, then you should be good to go. There are a few ways to increase your chances of getting matches on the app – this mainly has to do with your bio and photos (since that’s what people judge you for). However, there are some other rules to keep in mind.

How to make a great tinder bio

When it comes to your Tinder bio, the way to win big is to stand out from the crowd while remaining authentic. It helps if you have a really interesting life, of course, but simply not saying the same thing as everyone else is still a good start.


Try to include some unique things about yourself, but don’t just list your likes and dislikes. Also, try not to sound cocky or condescending – nobody likes that. Be yourself, that’s the main thing.


It goes without saying that you should upload your best photos. Smiles go a long way. It’s worth remembering that most people will judge you on your worst, rather than your best, images. Because of this, you should try to include only good photos — even if it means sacrificing that great skydiving photo. Pictures of you with animals not trying to bite you seem to work, too.


Try to include at least one photo of you with friends to show that you actually have some. Also, avoid huge close-ups because they look daunting. You should also steer clear of using too many filters. The best photos are those taken with a suitable camera (not on a phone) and don’t use filters. It is of good quality, but still original.

Unwritten rules of Tinder APK

There are some “inside rules” that not many people are aware of on Tinder. First of all, you have a left-to-right swiping ratio and that ratio will affect how visible your profile is to other people on the app. This is especially true of men because there are more men on Tinder than there are women. In short, don’t swipe right too much, or you’ll be doomed to the “ugly heap” of seeing other people who don’t swipe right often.

Tinder apk latest version

Moreover, you should not delete your account and create a new one too often, otherwise you will be penalized. Another thing, super likes and boosters break the algorithm and make you Much more Visible. Tinder Gold APK allows you to use these premium features for free. Rejoice, people, the world is truly fair.

To say hello

When initiating a conversion, always make sure you say something more interesting than just “Hi” or “Hi” – even “Hi, how’s it going?” Big step up. People get a lot of matches and will only talk to the ones that look interesting.

Download Tinder Gold apk

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