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Arcade Tower Defense games have been very popular during these recent years. There are games in general that are easy to play, entertaining and challenging as well. This is the reason why so many people play these games even though they are overrated at this point. But that didn’t stop The Catapult from reaching 20 million downloads in the Google Play Store!

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Now, The Catapult 2 is here and it has already proven to be a hit as it has over 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone. In this game, you have to defend the kingdom alone against a lot of invading stickmen who want to attack your castle. This game is different from other tower defense games you know because it has elements from Angry Birds and other tower defense games out there. Read on if you’re curious.

What is Catapult 2?

Tower defense games are always fun to play. It is fast, easy to play and very entertaining. This is why games like Angry Birds have been hugely successful and have spawned multiple games within their franchise. Catapult 2 is the same – a very addictive tower defense game!

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But The Catapult 2 is not like any other tower defense game. It combines tower defense as well as track shooting games. It has all the makings of a successful game. In this game, you can attack the invaders by controlling the catapult. Aim your shots at all incoming opponents to prevent them from invading your kingdom. As you progress, you will encounter powerful men, but you can also upgrade your weapons to become more powerful. Read on to find out more.

Catapult features 2

Catapult 2 is not your typical tower defense game. It borrows elements of Angry Birds as well as other tower defense games. Here are its features:

tons of weapons – Catapult 2 is an upgraded version of the first installment. In this game, there are newer and more powerful weapons at your disposal. You can unlock weapons like thunder, cannon, arrow and more. You’ll also need to strengthen your defenses, so you’ll need to buy things like magic shield. Of course, you will start with weak weapons but you can buy more as you progress. The important thing is that you have enough money to buy more weapons.


tons of levels – Catapult 2 has a lot of levels for you to play. In the beginning, you will start with some easy levels with enemies that are easy to beat. You will only need your wooden tower but as you advance, the enemies will become stronger. There will come a point where there are multiple enemies at once and their weapons will be stronger.

Multiple – In this game, there are multiple game modes that you can try. Campaign mode is the main mode where you will play a set of levels trying to defend your tower. This is where you can get tons of money to buy new weapons. Then, the multiplayer mode is where you can battle online against players from all over the world! Show them who’s boss.


upgrades – In The Catapult 2 you can also upgrade your tower as well as yourself. Upgrade your towers to make them stronger and to add HP as well as slots for other weapons. Then you can also upgrade your warrior to strengthen his hat, armor and strength.

epic graphics – The Catapult 2 is a 2D arcade game with well-designed graphics. The characters are in stickman form but the weapons are all pleasing to the eyes. Overall, this game is well made and will last you a long time.

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The Catapult 2 is a great tower defense game that is unique and addictive. Download Unlimited Money now to get all weapons instantly.

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