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Babies are usually cute, but they need constant care and attention from their parents. But sometimes, the parents are busy so they hire babysitters to take care of the baby when they are not around. Although there are a lot of people who enjoy babysitting, some people don’t want to do it especially when the child is mischievous. But in The Baby in Yellow, you’ll encounter a baby who’s hiding something! Here, you have to endure everything and finish all the tasks so that you can control the situation.

baby in yellow apk

This game is published by Team Terrible and it is one of the most terrifying games we have ever seen. Babies are generally cute and harmless but when you see them in horror movies, they are terrifying! In this game you will need to take care of a difficult baby! But more than that, you will start to notice that the child is hiding something and can quickly become uncomfortable. Here, you must survive the nights as you complete different missions.

What makes the baby in yellow special?

When we think of babies, we think of cute things and the way they move. These are innocent people who were just born and need constant love, care and attention. That is why many parents try to do everything possible to raise their children on their own if possible. But if this is not the case, they hire a nanny to help them raise the children. Sometimes, parents may be busy and will hire babysitters to take care of their child temporarily.

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Babysitting is a common practice anywhere in the world, especially in first world countries. Parents pay neighbors or ask relatives to babysit their children while they are away from home. In these cases, the babysitter will be responsible for everything from feeding the baby to putting him to sleep. Despite the small size of the children, they can demand a lot of attention and care from the nannies. Moreover, some kids are way more wild than others which causes different kinds of inconvenience to the babysitter.

In The Baby in Yellow, your patience and most of all your courage will be tested! This is because you will not be taking care of an ordinary child here but rather a child who could be considered a demon. Here, you have to survive and take control of the situation for several nights while attending to the baby’s needs. You have to complete a variety of tasks here such as feeding the baby, changing his diaper, putting the baby to sleep, and so on.

baby in yellow apk download

But you will soon discover that this baby is not like any other! From the way he looks at you to the way he suddenly disappears, this baby is a hassle to take care of!

The baby in yellow stands out

There are many children in the world today. But in The Baby in Yellow, you’ll be trying to take care of a monster for a baby! Try to survive for several nights now.

take care of a child – Child care is a common task all over the world today. Each of us was infancy and someone took care of us whether it was our parents or not. But everyone knows that a child is not easy to take care of, especially if he is hard to get. They require intense care and attention as well as incredible love. But if you are ready to take on the challenge of becoming a babysitter, you can play The Baby in Yellow right now.

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This game challenges you to the extreme as you try to take care of a child who appears to be the embodiment of the devil. Here, you will complete tasks like calming the baby, putting it to sleep, feeding it, changing diapers, relaxing and doing a variety of things. There are a lot of mysterious things that can happen here and you will need to survive if you want to finish the game. Will you be able to endure this game or will you give up?

survive several nights – In The Baby in Yellow you will need to take care of a baby for several nights! Every night you will face a large number of problems and you will only grow with your survival every night. In this game, you will need to survive the nights if you want to finish the game. But you will face many problems and scary scenes in each level. You need to sharpen your resolve in order to pass the levels.

completing tasks – In this game, you will need to complete a variety of tasks every night. Here, you will complete tasks like feeding the baby with milk from the fridge. After that, you will also need to change the baby’s diaper, take the baby to bed and so on. You will also do a variety of tasks for yourself such as watching TV, eating and more. Although the tasks here are easy, the kid will make everything complicated and scary! Try your best to complete the missions though!

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Full Controls – Here, you will be able to walk around and sit as well as interact with the objects. You can pick and drop the baby, feed it and do all sorts of things here. You will be able to do everything a babysitter can do in real life!

realistic graphics – The Baby in Yellow does a great job of creating an adorable home with realistic designs. But what makes this game so special are the different graphics and designs here. The baby himself looks scary and looks terrifying when he cries!

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If you are ready to take on the job of babysitting, download The Baby in Yellow now and have fun.

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