Temple Run 2 APK 1.96.0 download

Here comes the awaited sequel to one of the most popular and original endless runner game to hit the Play Store. Download Temple Run 2 for Android to have more fun moments and challenges compared to the first.

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The game still reigns supreme as a premium title, as evidenced by the over 9 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Run through different maps and escape from the monster that is chasing you in this endless running adventure. Lookout the monster is much bigger than the last game!

How to play Temple Run 2

Playing Temple Run 2 for Android is also easy. The interface and controls are very easy to understand. Meaning, gamers of adult, teen, or kid age groups can still enjoy every aspect of it with no flaws.

In order to control your runner, you will need to swipe the screen to different directions. Left and right to switch lanes, up to jump, and down to slide. All of these directional controls will be necessary to avoid all the obstacles within the game.


In addition, there will be boosters to help your running experience. Some abilities from these powers include – skipping part of a run without taking damage. Having a shield protects you from one obstacle. And an item to draw all the coins for you, without having to manually grab them yourself.

Which leads to coins. The currency can be obtained at 0game throughout your career. Their app goes towards buying power-ups that can be used at the beginning of your run. Also, you can use the coins to buy more characters and skins to personalize your experience as well.

More advantages

Here are some of the game features that you can enjoy:

  • Stellar 3D graphics and environments that keep your eyes dazzled and satisfied throughout your run.
  • New obstacles and challenges compared to the first game.
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  • More achievements to unlock as you play.
  • Additional powers, personal and unique to each character, are also available.

Paid add-ons

Although Temple Run 2 for Android is free to play, there are quite a few in-app purchases to be made. That is, if you want to experience every bit of content on your own. Otherwise, you will not need to spend a single penny from your pocket.


These purchases will go towards a new look and a few additional resource packs. As such, here are the extras and pricing, should you choose to, or are considering paying for it:

Temple Run 2 APK Free Download

In addition to the basic features, the APK comes loaded with more add-ons to take advantage of. With these, you can skip much of the tedious and annoying grinding process to get skins and more. Thus, it might be best to abuse the game and move forward with the modded version.


With that being said, with the modified APK, you can get the following benefits from the game:

With these additions, it is obvious as to which version to download on your Android device. It would be crazy not to add these benefits to your gaming experience. So, get the Temple Run 2 APK download for Android now.

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