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We humans love challenges. One of the most challenging games are puzzle games. These games always excite our minds and offer interesting themes that will leave us wanting more. But puzzle games are not for those who give up easily! These require extreme patience and strategy to play. But if you are someone who loves puzzle games, then this game is for you.

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Tangle Master 3D is a puzzle game developed by Rollic Games. It has more than 1 million downloads so far on the Google Play Store. But what makes this game so popular? Does it have next-gen graphics? Or maybe a revolutionary game? No no! What it contains are some challenging and interesting puzzles. Read on if you’re curious!

What is Tangle Master 3D?

When we were kids, we were always fascinated by the simplest things. And when we learn about magic and mysteries, we are even more amazed! This is the power of puzzles and the use of our minds. But what if you don’t want to solve some boring sudoku puzzles or some crosswords? What if you want to play a game with the right balance of challenge and fun at the same time?

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Meet Tangle Master 3D. This puzzle game takes untangling to a whole new level! You know how satisfying it can be to untangle cords like charger cables. In this game you will solve a lot of wobbly knots! But it is not as easy as untangling in real life. The challenge is that you can’t untie the nodes that fall under a node. You should find a way to disassemble it without that. benefit? Read on!

Tangle Master 3D features

If you like untangling things left and right, you will love Tangle Master 3D! But what else is there for this great game? Here are its features:

Lots of levels – In Tangle Master 3D you have to untangle some knots! But it is not so simple in real life. In Tangle Master 3D, you cannot raise a node under another node. You can only raise those above other nodes. This is very easy when there is only a node. But when there are multiple nodes at once, it becomes a huge mess! In Tangle Master 3D, the levels start easy but as you progress, you will find that knots will be difficult to untangle and there will be more of them. Can you solve them all before they start going crazy?

epic graphics – Tangle Master 3D is a puzzle game that simulates knots very well. The knots are like the ones we ate in jelly when we were kids. And they vibrate when you try to move them. This makes it easy to learn how to untangle them. Also, the knot is attached to the well-designed broomstick. Overall, this game does a good job of entertaining players while challenging them!

Rewards – In Tangle Master 3D, you can get rewards after successfully completing some challenges. This will allow you to get different colored knots and more!


realistic game – Tangle Master 3D does a good job of simulating real-life physics in the game. The knots will jiggle when you try to move them and untangle them allowing you to easily untangle them. Hence, the other effects are also realistic. Overall, Tangle Master 3D is a fun game that you can play while you are also up for the challenge.

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Tangle Master 3D is a fun and challenging puzzle game for all ages! Download Unlimited Money now to unlock all features!

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