Tahu Bulat APK 15.5.1 download

This is a great game for people who prefer simulation games more than any other game. This is one of the most successful simulation games available on mobile devices. What is amazing is that it is available as a free download on the Google Play Store.

Tahu Bulat is a great Indonesian game with a lot of cool features. Rest assured that you will always find something new and interesting when you play the game. This game will remind you of many amazing things, including the song Nyoi Savory Tahu Bulat. What is certain is that this will make you smile when you remember.


Bring back old memories and fun moments by downloading this game. It is worth noting that this is a tofu game with a new look. The game is now more amazing than it was before, thanks to the amazing features that it has now.

Some of the things you enjoy in this game include mini games and daily rewards. You can also make different funny memes with Tahu Bulat. Do you have what it takes to be the most successful tofu seller? Download the game to find out.

Win different buyers, and become the owner of the biggest tofu company.

Amazing features

As mentioned above, this is one of the coolest games that you can download on your mobile device. Also, the game is a brand new tofu game, where you can grow a successful tofu business. Do you have what it takes to do this? Download the game now and use the following features to achieve your mission:

tahu-bulat-apk-latest version
  • It’s easy to sell different rounds of tofu to grow your business. You can do that with just one tap on your screen
  • Invest the profit you get from your business, and run the business like a professional
  • Various cooking and selling equipment. Optimize it to get the best results
  • Recipes to improve and upgrade your tofu
Tahoe Polat apk-free-download
  • Attract interested buyers by adding cool accessories and changing cars as well.
  • Bring in all available buyers to take care of your business. You can do this by actively promoting your round tofu business.
  • Various challenges to complete. This includes 2 on 1 and 2 on 2 competitions and much more.
  • Leaderboard where you can prove that you are the best
  • Various achievements to unlock

There are other features to enjoy. Download the game now and start playing on your mobile device.

Tahu Bulat APK Free fDownload

There is an easier way to grow your tofu business. All you need is the apk of this game, and you will be able to grow your tofu business. Download the apk of Tahu Bulat on your mobile device. This version of the game does not offer any ads.


Download the latest version of Tahu Bulat and grow your successful tofu business.

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