Tabou Stories Love Episodes Apk 2.9 Free Download for Android

You want to dive into the world of romance and drama and make mistakes to face the consequences. Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes APK to become the main character and focus of a dating game that allows you to cause as much drama as possible by hooking up with other people’s spouses, making people fall in love with you, and negotiating with others. Consequences of your actions later.


This is a game for people who secretly crave drama at every turn and will never be happy unless something “interesting” happens in the relationship – massive fighting, cheating and all that drama.

Be the center of the drama

Of course, this level of drama in real life will eventually end in disastrous consequences – so wouldn’t it be great if you could do everything in this mobile game instead? Download the Tabou Stories APK and get straight to the action.

Your choices, your game.

You decide the outcome of events. You get to choose how your relationships develop based on your actions and words. Do you want to drive or date someone and then marry them? It’s up to you to decide, so don’t wait!

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Discover hidden desires

Dive into your secret desires and fulfill them. Do you want a cute best friend or a controlling boss? Make your choices and let your inner dark side out, or explore your fantasies and live the dream romance you’ve always wanted.

Dress however you like

Choose from a huge wardrobe and dress up your character however you like. Wear the costumes of your dreams and represent who you are deep down.


Tons of stories

Discover lots of different stories, including one where you fell in love with a bodyguard who was hired to protect you…by your husband. Or set yourself up to please a billionaire who has bought your services for a week and wants you to fulfill all his desires. Will you just treat it like business? Or will you fall into something deeper?

Find another billionaire affair in Darling Billionaire Story where she becomes a fake girlfriend of a rich man, participates in all the high society dinners and spectacles, and uncovers the dark secrets of this complex billionaire. Is he in love with you, or is it all for show?

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In Lessons of Lust, you’re struggling with money, so you agree to work for a rich old classmate who wants you to seduce his rival. Are you going to do it or is the seduction real? Find out and make the choices that will determine how the game plays out.

Tabou Stories Love Episodes APK

Download Tabou Stories Love Episodes APK for Android now to get into the heat of romance and drama. Live your dream dating fantasy life and choose the path that works best for you. Will you make things dream – or will you ruin everything? It’s your decision.

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