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Runner games became popular many years ago with the release of Temple Run and its sequels and spinoffs. Due to its massive success, it has spawned a whole new type of game – endless runner.


In this article, we do not need to introduce this game to you because you may have heard about it. Subway Surfers APK was released in 2012 when the mobile gaming industry was in its infancy. But now, this game has remained a classic and is still playable to this day. But for those who don’t know it, what is all this about? Let’s find out!

Simple yet addictive

With an incredibly addictive gameplay, it’s no surprise that this game has over a billion downloads on Google Play alone! Millions of players love the game and it has remained one of the best games over the years.

So, what exactly is the secret behind this? Is there a complex and meticulously crafted gameplay to achieve this? no one! The game is a simple endless runner where you need to escape from a police chase after putting graffiti on the subway. In this game, you run automatically just like in Temple Run. But unlike the temples track, the obstacles here are subway related like trains, walls, cones, etc.

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You also need to pick up coins and power-ups that give you a temporary advantage in the game. The aim of the game is simple, try to keep running as long as possible! But it is not simple. As you continue to run, the speed gradually moves up until it becomes too fast for you. This is what makes this game such an addictive game as you try to beat your own record and others around the world. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best runner?

Subway Surfers features

Subway Surfers has a lot more to offer than just endless running. After all, he wouldn’t have achieved such massive success without his adorable features! So, what separates this game from its many imitators? Let’s dig:

Various characters – at At the beginning of the game, you can only play the main hero – Jake. Jake is a cool but naughty kid who regularly gets into some sort of mess. Together he and his friends try to bring fun and escape from the authorities in this game. His friends are Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Yutani, Frank, Frizzy and many more! Collect them all to get different kinds of game styles and outfits.


Easy controls – Another aspect of this game that contributed to its success is the easy controls. Like most endless runners, you don’t need to press anything in order to speed up. You just need to swipe left, right, up and down to maneuver your character. You also need to double tap on the screen to activate the power-ups. That’s how easy!

Lots of power ups – What makes the game more fun is the presence of power-ups. These are time-limited items that give you a special advantage when you use them. In this game, there are tons that you can use throughout the race. You can choose sports shoes that enable you to run faster. Or a magnet that will allow you to automatically capture all the coins in your vicinity for a period of time. But perhaps one of the coolest of them all is the Jetpack that allows you to fly through the sky and collect coins and power-ups there as well.

Cool graphics – This game offers amazing 3D graphics at the time and is still doing well today against most of the games. The characters are well designed with cuteness in mind and the scenery and obstacles all look convincing. Also, did we mention that the cop chasing you has a dog? It looks realistic and scary too. So, do your best to beat them!

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multiple sites – Although the main theme of this game is the subway, the developers do a good job of changing the locations from time to time. With each update, the location of the subway changes, as well as the main elements of the game. This allows the game not to be boring. In the current update, the game is set in Paris.

Tips for playing Subway Surfers

Endless runner may sound like a fun and casual game to pass the time. However, a lot of players take this very seriously in order to appear at the top of the leaderboards. But getting there is no piece of cake! To do this, you first need to read these tips:

stay high – In this game, the key to your survival is to avoid obstacles. However, this is not possible at all times when every turn you make is full of obstacles. This is why when you see a train, try to ride it as far as you can because it provides temporary relief from obstacles. Also, when you see jetpacks, get them at all costs because when you’re in the sky, there are no obstacles whatsoever!


Save power ups – In this game, you can’t choose an extra power and expect it to work just fine every time. When you hit an obstacle while using one of them, you will instantly lose it. Therefore, it is important to know what each force does. There are power-ups that fly you through the air and there are others that allow you to jump higher. Whatever it is, the key to using it effectively is knowing what it does.

watch videos – Coins are your best friends in this game as they allow you to unlock characters and so on. But did you know that you can earn coins every day? Yes, just watch a video ad and watch as you will be rewarded with coins.

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Don’t want to watch video ads and wait for a long time to unlock characters? Download the app now and enjoy endless running!

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