Subway Princess Runner Mod Apk 7.1.0 (Unlimited Money, Gems) download

Welcome to another great addition to the endless game genre. Download Subway Princess Runner for Android to experience the fun of running in different locations, while collecting gems.

how to play

Drag in different directions to control your character. Swiping left and right changes the path your character runs on. Whereas, swiping up and down causes jumping and sliding respectively.

Master the controls and the general flow of the game. If you can make it happen, you will last as long as possible.

The goal is to escape from the police chasing you. Make sure you run as fast as you can to avoid falling.

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You can swipe left and right to switch the lane you run in. While running, you must also remember to collect as many coins as possible. Collecting coins will increase your running speed with the extra time.

Additionally, there are power-ups that will help you in your running. For example, there are feather shoes that allow you to take longer strides when running. There is also a magnet that attracts all coins to you. This way, you can focus your run on avoiding any obstacles, rather than collecting coins. Finally, there is a plane that will skip part of the level for you.

What is endless runner?

Endless running or endless running games are just what they sound like. You will be assigned to a specific location with many obstacles. The goal is to last as long as you can physically. There is no major end goal, just keep running.

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Additionally, missions can be completed to keep you more entertained between each of your solo runs. Make sure to check out all the added features to keep playing for longer.

Some features

When you play this amazing running game, you are welcomed to many features to help extend your gaming experience. Check out all the features and additional features of the game here:

  • Lots of different locations to enjoy your run, including city, forest, and more.
  • One of the greatest running games involving an amazing character, run with the best girl princess.
  • Dash towards the end of the track as fast as you can. It is an endless runner game, so you may never face the end.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Simple gestures allow you to control your princess throughout the game.
  • The colorful and immersive 3D graphics will keep you in the game for longer. Everything looks absolutely amazing, throughout the gameplay. Enjoy the background images and locations.
  • Music is also a sound that feels in the ears. Apart from just the visuals, the entertaining sounds while running mixed with the music makes the gaming experience absolutely perfect.
  • While running, you can collect gems. These gems will go towards being able to unlock more content for the game. So, be sure to pay attention to these minerals throughout your run.
  • Various missions will also be available within the game. Complete them for more unlockable content at the end.

Subway Princess Runner APK Download Free – Unlimited Money & Gems

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