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Are you looking for proof that you can survive the zombie apocalypse? Download State of Survival APK for Android now to show you have what it takes to fight off hordes and rebuild civilization with your friends.

There are some games that defy all expectations – this is one of them. In State of Survival, you’ll need to do more than just decapitate bloodthirsty zombies. You will need to team up with allies, create an infrastructure to support the survivors and create a nation that can support the rest of humanity in the aftermath of the vicious hordes of zombies.

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Your team will have to keep the lights on, make sure there is enough food, and search for a cure to reverse the spread of a deadly infection. The government and army are nowhere to be seen – they’ve gone underground – so it’s up to the people in the streets to fight back against the hordes of the dead that have invaded the city.

Fight them on the beaches…

Team up with other players from around the world in this MMORPG and build a crew that will be able to fight against the incoming hordes of zombies. Players from all over the world will gather and unite to fight humanity’s new enemies.

In State of Survival, you’ll need to enter FPS mode to snipe the incoming zombies, as well as build an army to keep defending against the incoming hordes, and you’ll have to rescue stragglers to join your ranks and become the heroes of tomorrow. It’s all zombie warfare and you’re in the driver’s seat.

Hordes will routinely attack the city and you will have to always be there to defend it at any cost. The greater part of the city was overrun long ago, but your remaining fighters are protecting the remaining livable areas.

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You will have to build up your settlement to be able to provide for the survivors and their families – if any remain. Ensure that your settlement can meet the basic requirements of the people who live in it, such as clean water and food. You’ll also have to make sure that hordes of zombies don’t manage to break in and kill everyone inside.

As the world changes, the zombie infection mutates and becomes stronger, infecting more people and making more hideous monsters emerge from the woodwork. You will need to fight off these new monsters and make sure that you are the one who controls the virus. Find the infection and learn how to fight it more effectively. Whoever controls the virus will have the edge in the battle, so make sure you do what you can to save humanity.

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Download State of Survival APK with no energy cost to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and fight off the vile zombie invaders! Good luck and God bless you!

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