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Developed by ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley is a huge commercial success, and wildly popular on a variety of different platforms, from Nintendo to PC. Now you can download and play this excellent farming RPG on your Android phone. Grow crops, fraternize with locals, and explore ancient mines for loot – the gameplay is relaxing, and the storytelling is charming. This is Stardew Valley.


There are 50 hours of gameplay in Stardew Valley, which is a massive amount for a mobile game. It includes all kinds of great storytelling as you slowly upgrade your old Gramp farm in the countryside, where you escaped from the city for some fresh air. There is grass to pick, potatoes to grow, and you have to make a good impression in town. Also outside is an old abandoned mine – what might you find inside?

Best features of Stardew Valley for Android

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular indie games of the last decade with great inspiration from MapleStory. The main premise of the game revolves around your farm and how you approach managing your crops.


You can expand the farm across a wide open area, removing trees, rocks, debris and weeds to open up more space for fruits, vegetables and different farm animals. As you progress in the game, you earn money and unlock new things for your farm, such as a dog house and other parts of your farm.

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You can later head to the city to sell your goods, make friends with the locals by giving them gifts and completing tasks, and later head to the mine on the outskirts of the city to fight monsters and scavenge for valuable materials.

Agriculture is everything

First and foremost, Stardew Valley is a farming game. At its core, the main objective of the game is to create a huge bustling farm with plenty of profits, with the freedom to manage your crops as you like and customize your farm in many different ways. The two gameplays are not the same because of this, and the creativity in crop management and farm design is what makes the gameplay so compelling. It’s your choice which crops you choose to grow.


It’s not just crops

In addition to turning your farm into a bountiful paradise, you can also raise a range of farm animals, from cows to pigs to sheep. You can get them once you start making some profit from your farm and you can turn some of your carrot money into something else! Regular visits from a mobile merchant give you a choice of how to advance your farm next.


Starting a family

In addition to farm conversion, you can also get married in Stardew Valley. There are 12 potential candidates in the city, and you can attract them with a series of gifts and trinkets, as well as make good friends with them. The choice is yours, though different candidates do different things for your farm, so you might want to experiment (in the nicest way possible!).


Explore caves and mysterious mines

Once the comfortable life of farming and mingling with the townspeople gets a little boring, head to the deep, dark and mysterious mines to fight monsters and scavenge for valuable materials. This is the casual combat part of this fun RPG and it’s addictive once you get started. At first, you can only go so deep, because the monsters are scary and the caves are dark, but you’ll unlock more things to help you go deeper. There is gold, gems and mysterious things to find.

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Additional activities around town

In addition to farming, mining, and killing monsters, there are also plenty of seasonal events in town or you can go hunting at a local place. Catch crabs on the seashore, compete in the Easter egg hunt, or just have a good time at the local saloon. The world of Stardew Valley is massive and satisfying, with hours of single-player gameplay on offer as well as decent replayability as you once again try to improve your farm or just relax and have fun.

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Mobile compatible updates

Stardew Valley is also optimized for mobile-friendly gameplay, with multiple control and graphics options compatible with most Android device capabilities. With its cute and simple pixelated graphics, you can play this on many different phones or tablets. Perfect for those who want to play Stardew Valley and manage their farm on the go.


Download Stardew Valley APK

Download Stardew Valley APK to unlock everything for your town and farm, with unlimited money to help boost your town farm success.

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