Stack Colors APK 4.5.5 download

This is a casual game that is designed with high quality graphics. It requires accurate judgment and speed to stack cubes of similar colors in a relatively fast-paced environment.

The game is developed by VOODOO. Due to its casual and relaxed nature, it has been well received by gaming enthusiasts. It has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store!

Color Stack Mod APK

Its success can be attributed to its simple yet comprehensive gameplay. Even better, the game has simple controls that make it suitable for seasoned players and amateurs alike.

If you want to have fun during your free time then you should download Stack Colors latest version for Android. Pocket Edition ensures that you can enjoy the game from anywhere on your mobile device.

Casual Gameplay Stack Colors has straightforward gameplay. Your primary objective will be to control a column of blocks with similar colors and move relatively quickly.

The hardest part of the game is the fact that the column will keep growing! The higher it is, the more difficult it is to control!

Also, you will be required to change positions as you try to match your column with similar colored blocks. How well you can change position without collapsing the column will determine how successful you are at playing.

Color stack apk latest version

When you reach the finish line, you will kick the blocks and get a score increase. It will be multiplied by a fixed number depending on how far you will fall from the finish line.

The more points you get, the better the gameplay. You will be able to use your treasures to unlock more complex features and enjoy better gameplay.

Other features of the game

  • Superior 3D graphics.This game uses exceptional graphics, which helps you enjoy every minute of the gameplay. High-quality 3D graphics allow you to see the finest details of the game. This way, you will be able to mark your next move without any hassle.
  • Easy controls.The game has simple touches and swipes technique. Pressing on your screen allows you to move the block forward along the path while swiping allows you to move it across the path. This helps you match your blocks effectively and eventually without hassle.
color stack apk-free-download
  • Generous bonuses.While this is a casual game, it gives you great satisfaction when you get an award for every effort you make, right? Well, the game has a unique way of rewarding you based on the height of your tower. The longer it is, the more satisfying it is. You should always aim for a new high score every time you embark on a game.
  • Frequent color change.When playing this game, you should always be alert because the color of your block may change at any time. When that happens, you should be ready to match the block with other blocks of the newly acquired color.

Stack Colors APK Latest Version Free Download If you want more enhanced gameplay then you should download the game version. It has more improved user interface and easy controls for optimal enjoyment.

Download Color Stack for Android

If you are looking for a casual game, you must download Stack Colors. The game has great matching challenges that will keep you engaged while having fun at the same time.

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