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The Sonic franchise has been around since the 90’s but it’s still going strong today. They have released many games as well as mobile games that have hit the top of the charts. Because of this, the franchise has garnered a lot of fans over the years.

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And the sequel to the hit game is Sonic Dash 2. The developers, SEGA have done a great job on this game as it has got over 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store! Play as Sonic and unleash your inner racer as you collect rings and orbs and defeat opponents in this endless runner! You can also play as Hedgehog, Tails, Amy and other characters in the Sonic universe!

What is Sonic Dash 2 All About?

The Sonic franchise has been around for decades now but it’s still going strong. Even with the release of new franchises and games, Sonic proves that plenty of people still play classic games.

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Proof of this is how Sonic Dash 2 has over 50 million downloads! This is an endless runner game where you can play as your favorite Sonic characters each with their own unique abilities. Conquer the tracks, unleash your inner racer and win special prizes. There is a lot of fun waiting for you in the game. Can you outrun others?

Define Sonic Dash 2 features

The Sonic franchise has been a huge success over the years. There have been a lot of games and sequels spawned by this franchise that have won our hearts every single time. Here are the features of Sonic Dash 2:

notable people – When it comes to the characters in this franchise, we all know Sonic as he is the main character. But in Sonic Dash 2 you can play as other characters like Hedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks. Each of these characters has its own abilities. For example, Sonic can become a ball that allows him to obliterate opponents in his path. Knuckles has the power of a slam where he can obliterate everything in his path! You can unlock all of these characters in the game so you can enjoy the game!

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Interesting game modes – In Sonic Dash 2, there is the main game mode where you race endlessly and try to beat your high score. Here, you will play as one of the famous Sonic characters in a vast map full of different enemies and bonuses! Try to be fast on your feet in order to get as far as you can! There are many levels to beat here that you can enjoy! You can also race with up to 3 characters in this mode so you can switch them around mid-game if you wish. Play the right characters for each mode so you can earn even higher rewards!

cool tracks – There are many different tracks in Sonic Dash 2 that you can play on. They each have different elements that make them so amazing! Of course, the farther you go, the more places you can see. Try to go as far as you can to see new places and get more rewards.

crazy graphics – The 3D graphics in Sonic Dash 2 are as beautiful as they come. SEGA spared no expense in creating this endless running game. The effects of each character are well animated as well as the characters themselves.


Regulations – As for the controls, you can easily navigate by swiping left and right. After that, you can also jump and crouch by swiping up and down.

Sonic Dash 2 Mod APK – Unlimited Money

The Sonic franchise has always been popular. Download the latest version of this game and play your favorite characters!

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