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Developed by Homa Games, Sky Roller apk is a simple endless runner game where you skate over the city while trying to collect diamonds for extra points. The game is so simple and fun that anyone can enjoy it. It’s one of those games that you just pick up and play. The challenge is fun, but the game is not too difficult, so younger players can enjoy it too.

There are not many games that allow you to be free like Sky Roller apk. This game is a must have for anyone who loves to ski, snowboard or surf. Your character will skate across the horizon and you have to use your finger to guide them to make sure they don’t fall off the edge.

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The game is simple and addictive – you can end up playing it for an hour at a time or more if you’re not careful. The graphics are very simple and use a minimalist design to highlight the horizon against a pink sky background. The night sky makes the city come alive as you skate over it.

Tips for playing Sky Roller

As with any game, if you have an idea of ​​what to expect, you’ll be better at playing it. Here are some tips to help you understand how to master this simple yet addictive Android game.

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At the beginning of the game, you will need to understand how quickly you can maneuver your character – in particular, how quickly you can pull their legs apart and put them back together again, as this will be necessary to avoid many obstacles in the game.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to try to focus your attention on what’s closest to the trail. Of course, you’ll need to master the controls before you can take your focus off your character so you can confidently avoid obstacles at close range.

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Don’t focus too much on diamonds. While collecting diamonds will give you more points, it will also distract you from taking the safer path. You should consider diamonds as a reward at first, and then once you have mastered the game controls, you can take more risks and put yourself at increased risk to collect them.

You can watch ads to get more diamonds as well, which you can then use to unlock new characters and other cool features. Of course, the ads are annoying, so if you turn off your Wi-Fi, you won’t have to see the ones that play after the end of each level. However, if you want to get some easy in-game currency, watching some ads can’t hurt you too much.

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With practice comes mastery. As with anything in life, the more you play the game, the higher your chance of scoring. If you play Sky Roller apk a lot, you will quickly get better at it a lot, so keep going for that perfect score.

Sky roller apk

If you just want to enjoy the game and play with different characters, you can always download unlimited gems, unlock all skins, no ads to get more money without having to risk losing on the track by collecting diamonds or by boring yourself to death watching ads . It’s free and easy.

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