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There are a lot of dating simulation games out there nowadays. These are especially popular for those who love animated shows. There are different types of dating simulation games that feature different genders. If you are okay with any gender, this one is for you!


Shoujo City 3D is a dating simulation game played by over a million people! This is a yuri game that focuses on the relationship of two girls. The aim of the game is to win your partner’s heart! This means going on dates, shopping, cooking, cosplaying, and doing all kinds of activities. There are a lot of places for you to explore and it includes the virtual city of Tokyo. Apart from that, this is an endless game with plenty of opportunities to have fun!

History in Tokyo

There are a lot of games that focus on romantic relationships. However, there are more take on dating simulation games that focus on different types of relationships. If you are comfortable with any genre then this is the perfect game for you.

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Shoujo City 3D is a anime-style dating simulation game that is popular at the moment. Here, you will win your girlfriend’s heart by doing all kinds of activities. Go on dates around town, cook, shop for clothes and food, dress up and customize and more! There are a lot of things to do in this game because this is an endless game. This means that you can literally go on hundreds of dates or even thousands if you feel like it! That’s how fun this game is.

Shoujo City 3D features

Shoujo City 3D is a fun dating simulation game that takes you to the picturesque city of Tokyo! Just go on unlimited dates, go shopping, and enjoy all kinds of fun activities together as a couple. Here are its features:

Acquaintance – There are so many things you can do on a date. In Shoujo City 3D, the possibilities are endless! Your task is to beat your girlfriend in this game which means you have to take her on dates! Here, there are plenty of activities to choose from such as going to the park, playing tennis, exploring different places, or eating out. Whatever you do, you have to win her over and prove your love to her! Can you see her having fun?


Yuri – As mentioned, this game is not your average dating simulation game. Instead, it features a yuri-meaning-girl-to-girl relationship. If you are comfortable with this, no problem as there are plenty of things for you to enjoy! Naturally, there are tons of things to do here such as go on a boat, go on arcades, and explore together! You can also go to school together!

Shop – What’s a date without shopping, right? Here, you can shop together for food, clothes, accessories, toys, and snacks! There are countless ways you can go shopping together but the most important thing is to enjoy each other’s company.

cook – They say the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach! In this game, you can cook for your girlfriend! Prepare different dishes using recipes and combine lots of ingredients. It’s up to your cooking skills to make an incredible meal!

Cosplay and customization – In this simulation game, you can also create your own character as well as your girlfriend! Choose different hairstyles, clothes and more! There are plenty of combinations to do so, choose according to your preference.


3D graphics – Shoujo City 3D is a game with anime-style graphics, but in 3D! Here, you can roam around freely, explore places, and go to shops. There are also other things to do!

Download Shoujo City 3D APK

Shoujo City 3D is an interesting simulation game that lets you go on dates! Download the latest version now.

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