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Shadow fight 3 It is the third installment in the series of Shadow Fight and the culmination of loads of world-building and meticulous combat mechanics. The premise is: There are three major clans fighting for control of the so-called shadow energy. These clans are the Family, the Missionaries, and the Legion. Each tribe has its own styles, themes, combat moves, and much more, and it’s up to you to choose which side you’re on in the search for shadow energy.

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The game works as a classic fighting game. Two opponents face off against each other in a variety of different arenas, chaining combos and building skills. The controls on Android are pretty intuitive – you’ll notice that you’ll need to practice certain moves and skill combos to get it just right, and the variety of character selection keeps the game fresh as you progress. Depending on which faction you’ve chosen, there’s also the opportunity to replay and cut back in different directions when it comes to mastering the game.

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Best features of Shadow Fight 3

When it comes to downloading and playing the Shadow Fight 3 APK Special Edition, it is good to know what kind of game you are going into. Like all mobile games, gacha-based loot boxes play an important role in expanding your hero selection and unlocking new gear. However, you can earn different bits and pieces just by playing the game, and you might be lucky with a legendary drop from a chest. Apart from this, what are the other great features of Shadow Fight 3? Check them out below.


Character customization and progression

Shadow Fight 3 apk Level 99 is an arena style fighting game, but it also includes a lot of customization and character progression. Instead of choosing a specific fighter style, you can change your fighter’s appearance, clothing, and skills. There are a variety of hairstyles, colors, and other factors that you can change throughout the game. This makes the feeling of progressing through the game more convincing.


Choose your fighter’s gear

In addition to your appearance, throughout the game you are given opportunities to upgrade your fighter’s gear. This includes different weapons and armor that are categorized by rarity and power. Many of these must be obtained through loot box mechanics, but the game rewards in-game currency for performing well in battles and progressing through the story mode. Once you complete unique sets of armor, you’ll be able to unlock powerful abilities that really make your character stand out. Each character and character type has different abilities and you can customize them according to your specific play style.

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Unique game world

The world of Shadow Fight 3 is large and diverse. There are a lot of unique locations that add atmosphere to the game, and you will be fighting in arenas in all kinds of locations. Throughout the game, you will see a lot of amazing in-game cut scenes with excellent graphics that tell the story as you progress. As you level up your character, you can learn new skills from different areas, covering 3 types of fighting styles. Fight as a sneaky ninja assassin or boost your defenses to become a powerful knight.


Community and leaderboards

Shadow Fight 3’s community is large, and there are plenty of online guides on how to improve your gameplay that are worth reading before diving in. There are also regular special events in the game where you can unlock special and exclusive abilities to help boost your attack. Compete in the top 100 leaderboards every month for a chance to win great prizes. Regular updates and patches improve the world, adding new bosses, weapons, and arenas.


Download Shadow Fight 3 APK

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