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Football is the most popular sport in the world in terms of the huge number of fans and players. For this reason, it is considered the most widespread sport in continents such as Europe, Africa and South America. It is also a sport in which many competitions and tournaments are held annually. Since it is a popular sport, many people would like to play soccer on mobile. Score Hero 2 is back and packed with tons of features!

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The sequel is packed with realistic graphics complete with motion captured animation. With this, players can enjoy new stories with their hero as he rises to different challenges. You’ll start out as a relative unknown but have huge potential to become a star here. You just need to customize your hero and you can also pass your teammates to score. Enjoy a great soccer game today!

Realistic football

What sport do you play today? Is it basketball, football, tennis, cricket or volleyball? With this sport, players only need to score the goal into the opponent’s side to score. But it will be difficult because the field is very wide and there are 11 players in each team. With this, you will face a lot of oppositions and challenges and it will take minutes to score a goal. Because of this, his average number of goals per match is only 2.6.

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However, this is what makes soccer such a fun sport. In Score Hero 2, you will become the protagonist of the story as you will start out as an underdog. Here, you will enjoy different levels that you can play as you try to draw a line through which you can pass or score the goal. It looks easy but it is hard to do it right every time as you will need incredible precision and skills. However, you can also modify the launcher and enjoy the completely new look.

There are many prizes waiting for you as well as teams to play against!

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There are so many fun sports that you can enjoy these days. But if you are looking for the best, soccer is like no other. Enjoy Score Hero 2 today!

Score Hero 2 apk free download

Fun soccer game – Who does not like football? It is a sport where many people gather to watch the professional teams beat it on the field. There are a lot of running strategies as well as strategies involved in trying to score a goal. Most importantly, the teamwork and skills of the players will be tested throughout the 90 minutes that the game is played. If you are a fan of this kind of sport, play Score Hero 2 today!

Unlike other soccer games like FIFA, this game does not allow you to play the entire soccer match. Instead, you will enjoy the goals in the game where you will only need to draw a line to direct the ball where it will go. You can either send it to another player or score a goal. However, there will be a lot of enemy players trying to go after the ball. Moreover, you can customize your character freely here!

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Enjoy different levels – Almost everyone starts from the bottom up to today’s professional athletes. They have worked hard to get to where they are but they only started with talent, skills and determination. In this game, you will also start with nothing but a lot of skill and determination. This is where you will carve your log so you can play tons of levels. Each level puts you in different situations that are close to the target. You just need to pass it to your teammates by drawing a line and reaching the goal. Be careful because there are a lot of mistakes that can be made.

Customize your launcher – Score Hero 2 allows you to customize your hero from head to beard to shoes! Here, you can unlock many types of beards, shirts, shirt numbers, and shoes. You are in charge of your story, so you need to look good at all times. The more goals you score, the more money you can earn that you can then spend on your looks.

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Improved graphics and comments – You’ll also enjoy the realistic graphics of the game, complete with headlines and social media posts every time you score a goal. Enjoy the modern soccer game today and score a lot of goals. You will also enjoy the commentary featured in this game.

90 Licensed Teams – There are 90 officially licensed teams that you can play for and against today in the game. Enjoy!

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Are you craving for some football matches? Download Score Hero 2 and score the most incredible goals today!

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