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Wherever we live in the world, we have many neighbors. We have some people we like, people we tolerate, and others we seem to hate. But no matter what, there’s nothing we hate more than new, seemingly fishy neighbors. This is especially true if you’re Bob from Scary Stranger 3D. In this game, you are helping Bob to complete tasks that create problems for the stranger.

Scary Stranger 3D Mod apk

Designed by Z&K Games, this game is a fun simulation game that allows you to complete various tasks that will make fun of your neighbor. Your neighbor is someone who doesn’t like to socialize. And for Bob who loves to make fun of everyone, this new neighbor is the perfect new target. Help Bob do all kinds of crazy things that will put the stranger in unfortunate but funny situations.

Mysterious neighbor

Do you have a neighbor who is always acting suspicious and unsociable for no reason? If you are anything like Bob, this neighbor will instantly be the target of your silly pranks! In Scary Stranger 3D, you can help Bob perform some ridiculous pranks that will make a stranger’s life miserable. Here, you will go to your neighbor’s house to make a disturbance in the life of the stranger. It became his worst nightmare now!

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Bob has always been a fun kid. The whole neighborhood knows mischief and little pranks. But when a strange new man suddenly moves in next door, he suddenly has a new purpose. Not much is known about the strange man other than the fact that he was a former teacher. Other than that, he avoids social contact and is as mysterious as the night.

Bob has plenty of pranks in store for the stranger next door! You may need to put fireworks in his grill, and many more! But be careful not to be caught by the stranger as you enter his house. This is a game with 3D gameplay and graphics.

3D scary eerie highlights

There is always a good laugh you can get from silly pranks. In Scary Stranger 3D, you will go wild with the mysterious neighbor!

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A game full of pranks – No matter where you live in the world today, you have some neighbors. Some of them have a good relationship with you but there is always someone who does not like to socialize. If you are Bob and you are the neighborhood bully, then this weird new neighbor of yours is the perfect target for your pranks. In Scary Stranger 3D you will try to make your new neighbor the object of your ridiculous pranks. To achieve some cheap laughs, you have to sneak into his house and do all sorts of things.

Some of the things you may need to do are mess with your neighbor’s BBQ, mess with the neighbor’s play area and much more. If you get stuck, you can get some hints to help you clear the level. In general, there are many things that you will accomplish in this game. Try to complete them all without getting caught by a stranger or it’s over!

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Lots of missions – There are a lot of different pranks/quests that you can complete in Scary Stranger 3D. First, you are asked to mess with the neighbor’s BBQ party. You will need to use your wits and your surroundings to make this possible. Then, there are other missions like A Sweet Surprise, Wrong Direction, Shotgun Disaster, Upside Down, and more. Each mission lets you roam around the house looking for things to use!

FULL 3D GAME – This is a simulation game that allows you to roam around the house freely to complete your pranks. You will also see your neighbor in real time thanks to the camera on top. You can move around using the navigation buttons, jump, pick objects, click and lay, and more. You can also unlock hints if you are stuck in a level. Try to complete each level and see the look on the neighbor’s face!

3D realistic graphics – Scary Stranger 3D is designed in full 3D to give the best experience to players. Everything can be picked up and you can roam around the house freely doing your tasks. Complete different missions now and have a good laugh.

Download Scary Stranger 3D Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Scary Stranger 3D is a fun game that lets you play pranks on your strange neighbor! Create funny situations now.

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