Rucoy Online 1.24.1 APK download

Customize your medieval character and get ready to hunt monsters. Download Rucoy Online APK for Android to get your finger tips in one of the fastest massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) currently available on mobile.

Rucoy Online: Retro MMORPG

The game features a 2D retro style with hyper pixelated graphics, reminiscent of an earlier era in gaming. You can choose your class from either a knight, mage, or archer, and then customize them to look exactly the way you want them to.


Take your character out into the world, make friends (or enemies) with other players, then track down monsters to gain experience and level up. It’s an epic journey that has thousands of other players online getting in on the action.

Choose your path

After selecting which class your character belongs to, you will have the option to go out on your own and fight to enrich yourself or ally with some other players to team up and hunt down much larger monsters. This will allow you to gain more XP and thus level up faster. You’ll also be able to change your character’s class at any time in the game, just in case she gets bored of it.

rucoy-online-apk latest version

Fill your inventory

Discover useful items as you roam the world looking for monsters to fight, quests to complete, and other players to trade with. You will be able to barter items of value to get new weapons, armor, potions, and more.

The world is ever expanding

The open world in Rucoy Online APK is always growing larger, which means you’ll always have more to explore in this ever-growing world. That means more missions, more monsters, and more players to fill the space.


Chat with other players

Chat with other players from all over the world, or invite your friends to the game so they can play with you. Together, you can build a team capable of killing the biggest monsters in the game.

Hunting trophies

Killing innocent players will get you cursed – but killing cursed players will earn you bonus gold. This means that you can effectively position yourself as the bounty hunter in the game and spend your time hunting down and killing the cursed players. There’s also a PvP area where you can stand to reduce the amount of time you’re cursed – basically a free-for-all area where you can go fight with other players.


Use magic attacks

Play as a sorcerer to use devastating magical attacks, or enchant your weapons to make them even more powerful. Rucoy Online mod APK gives you the option to play with magic and use it to incredible effect like ancient wizards. Kill monsters with spells like Gandalf quickly.

Simple controls

Moving and attacking enemies is as easy as opening a door or closing a window. In Rucoy Online mod APK, you only need to worry about some controls to perform any action. It is a simple control system that allows you to spend more of your attention on the game itself.


Download Rucoy Online APK Free – Latest Version

Are you ready to explore a vast open world and chat with thousands of other players? Download Rucoy Online APK to play the game without a glass ceiling to worry about. You will be able to buy and trade the best equipment, including weapons and armor, and become a legendary warrior slaying monsters.

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