Roof Rails Mod APK 2.9.1 (All Unlocked) Download

Are you a fan of parkour games and want to try something new on your mobile device? Here is a great creation of VooDoo for you to play. Roof Rails can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and has logged over a million installs. Read reviews from other players if you’re wondering if the game will be fun.

Roof Rails is a casual parkour game that can be played by both adults and children. Its content is rated 3+, and it has amazing and engaging gameplay. There are a lot of interesting things about this game, as you will discover them soon. Read on to find out more.

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In Roof Rails, players will pass various obstacles until they reach the end. Do you think you can reach the end? You can only find out when you play the game. Roof Rails has a different gameplay than every other parkour game you’ve played in the past. However, its gameplay is simple, and you can understand it easily.

You will use a pole to slide from one roof to another in this game. One of the important things for the players is to collect firewood. The goal is to increase the length of their poles for better balance as they slide to the end. An example of the obstacles that you encounter in this game are chainsaws. The need to avoid these obstacles cannot be overemphasized, but it is essential to get to the end.

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Another reason you need a longer shaft is that you can glide smoothly. Roof rails have a certain level of difficulty, and falling is very easy. Sometimes, players get stuck in some levels and find it difficult to advance to the next level.

Roof Rails has amazing graphics with a minimalist design. This is typical of every Voodoo game. The gameplay is unique. All you have to do is make sure your wood has a good length. Attention to detail is also important when playing Roof Rails. Includes focus on jump angle to increase accuracy.

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Roof rails also have simple controls. The main thing that you have to control is the direction of your character. Enjoy the moderate pace of the game as you reach the end. Download roof rails now.

Roof Rails Mod Apk free download

In the original version of this game, players are usually stuck in different levels. However, you can avoid that by using the apk mod. This is because the mod apk has a feature that allows players to skip difficult levels and continue playing.

The interesting thing is that Roof Rails mod apk is free to download


Download the latest version of roof rails to slide to the next roof and reach the end.

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