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Racing games have always dominated the charts. However, not all of them are pleasant. Some become redundant after a while like most games. But some games stand up and offer you something amazing. And it’s not just a racing game, it’s an arcade racing game that uses creatures!


Rolly Legs by VOODOO is an arcade racing game with over 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store! This highly creative and fun game has hit the top of the charts as it offers a fun new take on the racing genre. Although not new, the mechanics, characters, and gameplay bring something unique to the table. If you’re curious about this, read on!

What is Rolly Legs?

In today’s world, there are hundreds of thousands of games in the mobile game market. You can imagine how many games are vying for a user’s attention at any given time. That is why only the most addictive, creative and innovative people succeed.

Rolly Legs is an arcade racing game like no other. It features strange creatures that turn into balls when they roll on the floor. Then, you can use your legs selectively as you try to beat your opponents to the finish line. But it’s not that easy! Along the way, there are a host of challenges that will try to incapacitate you or eliminate you. It’s your job to outmaneuver them all to come out on top!

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Rolly Legs is a simple yet fun game that never ceases to amaze people. It has more than 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store because it offers something new and interesting. Not to mention, the graphics are absolutely amazing too. It has 3D elements but the view is set in 2D old school arcade. After that, you can also change your character if you choose! You can even dice, which doesn’t make much sense but it works! Try to defy the laws of physics in this fun and ecstatic game! Read on to know more about the features.

Features Rolly legs

Although the title lacks creativity, don’t be fooled by it! This game offers great graphics and fun gameplay! Here are its features:

different skins – What really sets this game apart from the rest is the fact that you can get loads of different skins! Skins are categorized according to rarity: common, rare and legendary! Of course, the rarer it is, the more outrageous it gets and the more fun it is. In the popular category, you can get wheels, pineapple, dice, soccer ball, and more. Then in rare cases, you’ll find cones, footballs, clowns, hacks, and more. And finally, in the Legendary chapter, you’ll find teddy bears, pigs, giraffes, hamburgers, fish in a bowl, and more!

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Simple gameplay – As mentioned earlier, your goal in this game is to win the race! But it’s not that simple because you need to outsmart your opponents while dodging some obstacles! And when you finish the levels, you will find that it gets more difficult and the obstacles become more unpredictable. This is to be expected because you need skills in order to win this game. This is not your ordinary racing game.

Easy controls – In this game, the controls are as simple as tapping on the screen just to jump. When you jump, your legs will extend allowing you to reach greater heights. But the real challenge in this game is the changing landscapes and obstacles. You must understand how physics works and use it to your advantage in order to win effortlessly. But even so, you will find that the challenges will be much more difficult as you progress.

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Fun and cool graphics – Rolly Legs is a game that deviates from the norm. It offers stunning 3D graphics set in a 2D arcade racing. It’s the perfect blend of modern and classic gameplay! Physics plays a huge role in this game as you need to jump at the right time in order to move forward. But overall, the realistic gameplay, fun graphics, and soundtrack all come together for a smooth gaming experience!

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Rolly Legs is an arcade racing game that uses balls. In this fun game, you will face obstacles while outsmarting your opponents! If you want to unlock all skins in this game, just download the unlimited coins!

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