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Robbery Bob lets you steal

Robbery Bob is an action game developed by Level Eight AB. This is a popular game with everyone looking like a thief. This game has different levels, with the difficulty level increasing as the game progresses and tough decisions are made. Playing this game will require you to use your instincts because you will have to leave the scene without getting caught. Various tools and developments are provided so that you can formulate a smart plan.


Robbery Bob features colorful graphics and easy management. This is a dynamic runner game with the main character being a thief. Bob is a skilled thief who is surprised by a mysterious man on his way out of prison. However, this was not an act of benevolence or charity because Bob was forced to steal again Download this game if you love role playing games and enjoy the beautiful graphics and gaming experience.

Sound and graphics

Two of the features that make this game interesting are the sound and the graphics. Robbery Bob has funny sound effects and bright graphics. The graphics of this game are also vivid and this goes above and beyond to ensure that the players enjoy playing it.

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It is important to note that ads may pop up while playing this game. The view is marked from top to bottom, and this makes it easy to locate safe rooms.

Interesting game

Robbery Bob has funny and interesting gameplay. Learning how to sneak like a real thief is required to play Robbery Bob like a pro. A notorious thief will take you through the game at the beginning and show you everything you need to know. This will include the rules of the game to help you move to the next level.


You will be tasked to infiltrate someone’s office, home or a secret underground laboratory. Your task will be to steal the relevant loot as soon as you enter. This should be done smartly, and you should try to avoid doing good between yourself and your clean break. For a professional like Bob, stealing is the easiest thing to do; Therefore, he will steal any value within his reach. This game is easy to handle and simple control. The speed button is on the right, this allows Bob to run. There is a virtual joystick on the left to control movement. Other tools are provided to distract the population.

Improve Bob’s abilities

Bob can be equipped and upgraded with different tools so that he can complete his tasks easier and faster. The main window of the game contains a store with all the features you will need to upgrade. These features include his stamina, ability to sneak into buildings, grab ability, and his speed.


Tools such as the invisibility potion, the rotten donut, and various outfits can be used to equip Bob.

Robbery Bob Apk Download Free

The mod version has improved features compared to the normal version. Download the mod version of Robbery Bob to enjoy these great features, which include:

(increases when spent)

Download the latest version of Robbery Bob and show your ability to sneak into the houses without getting caught. Equip Bob with various gadgets, improve his speed, ability to grab objects, stamina and the ability to sneak into buildings.

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