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The iconic Walking Dead comes to mobile with an all-new story written by the creator of the Walking Dead comic series, Robert Kirkman himself. Download The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK for Android now and make your way through walkers and humans alike to survive another day.


With an exclusive storyline and online PVP battle mode, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK is the best zombie survival RPG game. Build and fortify your city, collect weapons and make allies with more survivors, and battle other factions of humans in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Fight for survival

The objective of the game is to take the small town of Woodbury and turn it into a fortress that will keep the survivors who live there safe from walkers and other attacking human parties. You will need to focus on everything from security to providing enough food to feed everyone.


Building secure structures to fortify the city will obviously be an essential first step, but don’t forget to build food facilities too, and you’ll need other industries to put your resources to good use – and to keep people busy!

Doing all this will not be as easy as clicking the right buttons. You will need to take a lot into consideration to build a successful city that can withstand unrest from within as well as the threat of zombies and raiders outside.

Tips for playing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK

Given everything you need to take care of when playing The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK, it makes sense that you would read a few tips before diving into the game head first into the unknown.

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Put all the characters to good use

You might be thinking that the one-star character you just found isn’t worth much – in fact, it’s pretty useless. But don’t just get rid of them. Alternatively, you can sacrifice them to level up a more powerful character. Sacrificing a false character will give another better experience. You can use these weaker skill characters to give your better characters XP while also constantly looking for rare 5-star characters to recruit to your cause.

You sacrifice characters with similar traits

Your characters have a personality type, such as a commander or peacekeeper. Sacrificing a character with similar personality traits will make them level up faster, so keep that in mind when eliminating your 1-star characters.


How to protect your resources

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival APK lets you steal other players’ resources – and lets them do the same to you. This is a great way to get some loot, but in order to protect your private items, you need to make sure that your storage space is always empty. Do this by using items to craft new things or upgrade characters. Furthermore, you can keep items in your inventory (which cannot be raided), rather than your own storage.

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If you keep a lot of stuff in your storage, other players will specifically target you. Of course, the reverse is also true – so be sure to beat up the fools who keep their storage space full.

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