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The real-time battle situations are what make the games so exciting. The success of Clash of Clans made it possible for similar games to thrive in the gaming market. Now, it has become its own genre. But what do players seem to love? Is it the graphics or the overall fun?


Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade APK is a strategy game that has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In this game, you will be able to grow your civilization and kingdom. It is entirely up to you how you will be as a leader – a gentleman or a dictator. But one thing is for sure, you cannot escape the battles that await! Excited to learn more about this game? Read on!

What is the lost crusade of the rise of kingdoms?

When we were kids, it was always fun to imagine leading your people and becoming their leader. These kinds of ideas have always led to a lot of fun imagination. However, they were just a fantasy. But now, the existence of mobile games has made it very easy to turn our imaginations into reality.

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is a strategy game that allows you to build your own civilization and turn it into a kingdom that you can be proud of. In this game, you are free to choose any civilization among a variety of options. After that, you will be reincarnated as one of the characters to explore lost temples, caves, and many more mysterious lands. After that, you will also become a spy to learn about the enemy’s plans to attack your kingdom.

Download Rise of the Lost Crusader Kingdoms game for Android

Or you can also play as famous generals like Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu or Kusunoki Masashige. That is why this game will attract a lot of history lovers who love to play games. This is not just an action game but more of a survival game. You need to use tactics if you want to expand your kingdom and repel any enemy attack. Read on to find out more!

Features of the rise of the lost kingdoms crusade

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is not an ordinary strategy game. This game is for history lovers or those who want to test their leadership skills. If you are one of those players, read about its features:

Real-time battles – The true beauty of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade lies in the real time battles. This means that everything you see happens in real time. Do you see some ally being attacked? Send some troops to help! This is where being online always becomes an advantage. After that, you can also attack the enemies when you are online and they will not have the upper hand. This is where strategy is really appreciated.

Rise of-Kingdoms-lost-crusade-apk Latest Version

Choose your own civilization – In this game, you have the option to choose from 11 unique civilizations to become your people! Each civilization has its own unique units, architecture, and advantages. This is why it is important early on that you choose what is best for you.

huge world map – Since everything happens in real time, it makes sense that the map is huge. In Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade, all in-game action takes place in one map! This means that other players’ kingdoms can be seen in the world map. Next, there is also an “infinite zoom” feature that allows you to seamlessly transition to the view of the world. The view includes natural obstacles such as mountain ranges, rivers, and trails. This allows you to strategize how to attack a kingdom and achieve victory.


Discover new lands – Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade has a vast world. But the vast majority of the Earth is covered in thick fog. This means that you have the ability to explore and explore mysterious lands, caves and villages and gather intelligence that will give you the upper hand.

RPG leaders – In this game, it makes no sense for you to rule every military unit. That’s why you can hire dozens of historical figures like Sun Tzu as your leaders. You can level them up by sending them into battles or upgrading their abilities.

Download Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK – Unlimited Gems

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is an epic strategy game that will challenge everything you know about history. But if you want to instantly become an outstanding leader, just download and enjoy!

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