Rebel Inc Mod APK Premium 1.13.6 (Unlocked) Download for Android

Stop the deadly insurgency before it destabilizes the entire country. Download Rebel Inc APK for Android to take charge of a war-torn country in the year 2003 and work alongside local rulers to fight a budding insurgency. This game, developed by the same people who brought you Plague, Inc. , are based on real events and were created using input from local politicians and journalists to bring you the most authentic.


The game is clearly based on Iraq in the aftermath of the US-led invasion of the country in 2003. You will have to implement strategies and work together with the local rulers and army to put down a vicious rebellion. Make no mistake, the game is one of the most realistic and well-thought-out strategy games we’ve seen on mobile.

There are seven unique areas of stabilization and you can work with different rulers who have a completely different approach to their work. Look for and keep corruption rates low to manage your actions more successfully, and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by instability in areas.

Tips for playing Rebel Inc APK

Given that this is a strategy game, there is clearly a somewhat steep learning curve when it comes to playing the game most effectively. It is very useful to have some important tips and tricks so that you can successfully overcome the challenges that the game presents to you. Here are some of our top tips for playing Rebel, Inc.


Run the tutorial. We know it’s a bit lame, but the tutorial in this game is pretty much essential if you want to know what happens later when things get a bit more difficult. You can easily get overwhelmed if things don’t go your way in the early stages of the game, so playing through the tutorial will help you a lot the first time you play Rebel, Inc.

Watch your reputation. The game is won when it achieves 100% stability in all regions. The game is lost if your reputation bar reaches zero – and that can happen very quickly if you fail to control instability and corruption. To keep your reputation at a safe level, you will need to invest in civil and public services so that people can see that you are on their side. You’ll also want to invest in anti-corruption measures and keep insurgents in check. Don’t let anything get out of hand, and better yet, keep people happy and by your side so you don’t fail.


Take your time when spending money. There are a lot of ways you can spread the cash out – but be careful, if you invest too much money in one area too soon, inflation will skyrocket and you’ll be left with a serious problem. Try to balance spending in different areas and don’t spend all your money too soon. Also, keep in mind that you will need money to stabilize areas and complete missions, and sometimes events will come out of the blue and you will need money on hand to solve these issues.

Invest in the army. There are many things that can cause instability to increase, but the main problem is rebellion. The only way you can realistically fight the insurgency is with soldiers, so make sure you invest in the military. This is your trump card, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

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Eliminate the rebels quickly. The biggest threat in the game is the insurgency, so taking out rebel camps and groups before they can spread out is of the utmost importance. Kill the rebels quickly and stop them from wreaking havoc. The best way to do this is to trap them and cut off their escape routes – otherwise they will fall back into the mountains and come back later for revenge. Also, be sure to call in air support to eliminate remnants of rebel groups after they have been defeated in combat.

Rebel Inc Mod APK – All DNA Unlocked Unlimited

Nerves of war? Unlimited money. This was a quote from an old general – and it is certainly true. Download unlimited money mod for Rebel, Inc. To play the game with much more resources at your disposal. You can easily train soldiers and defeat rebels, as well as increase investment in public services to bring more stability to the region with this mod. Try it now. Enjoy!

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