Rage Road Mod APK 1.3.16 (Unlimited Money, No Ads) Download

Take out other bald killers with your assault rifle from the back of a pickup truck. Download Rage Road mod APK to get the ultimate getaway and shoot all the other bald guys that are chasing you and trying to kill you.


Some games are best left simple. Rage Road mod APK is the perfect simple game. All you have to do is shoot everything that moves behind you. From cars with guys shooting out the window to helicopters firing guided missiles at you, there is a lot to unlock in Rage Road APK.

Point ‘n’ Shoot

This game is very simple, as mentioned earlier. You literally run through the levels, shooting all the bad guys who are getting rid of you. It may sound repetitive, but honestly, it’s a lot of fun. The levels get more difficult as different vehicles and more determined killers attack you.

Shoot the tires, aim at the driver, or scrap the car with tons of bullets that explode. There are trucks, quads, bikes, helicopters, jeeps, and more. You’ll have some enemies that are faster than others, but they all suffer from severe male hair loss – and that’s consistent throughout the game, just as it is in life.

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You do not control the truck, so you are free to focus all your attention on shooting. It’s like a great smuggler from God who only knows what kind of killer’s business it is. This simple dynamic makes the game very interesting and addictive.

There are also boss fights that will really put your skills to the test. As a result, you will need to be extra careful when choosing your weapon and maintaining your health.

Tips for playing Rage Road APK

Although the game is simple, there are some pro tips that will help you get a better score when you play it. here they are.

Choose your weapons wisely

There are a lot of guns to choose from in Rage Road APK. Some are more powerful than others, while some will have a larger magazine or a faster rate of fire. Moreover, some of them take longer than others to reload.


You want a weapon that is powerful and fast to reload so that you can make accurate shots and not get bogged down by ammo during boss fights. Realistically, having a high rate of fire for a large magazine will only result in you not shooting anything like crazy.

Understand compounds

The type of vehicle determines the type of enemy you will encounter. Armored cars, for example, always have enemies sticking out from behind, which means a headshot is the best way to deal with them (even helmets inserted…). For many other cars, just hit the tires or the driver.


For big vehicles, just shoot them until they explode and dodge bullets. Boss cars are somehow the easiest targets because all you have to do is soak up bullets until you’re done.

Use auto aim

It should go without saying that auto aiming will come in handy when you’re trying to hit a small piece of a moving target. Using auto aiming will help you Much With semi-automatic weapons such as pistols and shotguns, although it can get more complicated with fully automatic weapons.

Rage Road Mod APK – Unlimited Money, No Ads

While this game was initially only for iOS, now it is available on Android as well. Download the latest Rage Road mod APK for Android now to get in on the awesome action and put your professional killer skills to the test. How long will you lasy?!

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