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The advent of the Internet has brought so much progress in the world that it is hard to imagine living without them now. Because of this advanced technology, we no longer have to write messages just to communicate, we can instantly watch movies and shows and make the world smaller. For this reason, we have also created social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and more.


It is now also necessary to post images on the Internet whether for personal or commercial purposes. With this said, the need for professional photos has never been higher. But thanks to photo editing apps like Polarr, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to create professional photos! Trusted by over 10 million people, the app allows you to easily create your own aesthetics that you can share with others!

Unique photo editing tool

When we browse today’s social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, we can instantly see tons of photos being uploaded every single day. But since everyone nowadays has smartphones, photo editing apps are a lifesaver!

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Now, you don’t even need to have exceptional graphic design skills just to edit photos. Thanks to Polarr, you now have the power to create aesthetically pleasing photos that you can share with the world! There are plenty of ready-made templates, effects, and styles that you can access in this cool app. Combine this with the artificial intelligence of the app and you can get amazing photos that will amaze others! Edit countless photos and upload your own overlays to create amazing masterpieces.

Polarr features

The existence of social networking sites paved the way for many people to start taking and uploading lots of photos. But since there are so many photos on the internet nowadays, you have to be unique if you want to go viral. With the help of Polarr, you can achieve exactly that! Here are its features:

amazing effects – In today’s world, raw, unedited photos don’t get much attention. You will need to create amazing things to get more likes and followers. Thanks to Polarr, you can now easily create and edit photos that you can share with everyone! You can instantly replace background, person, sky, plants, building, land and more! You also get access to selective masks that let you use tools like brush, radius, gradient, color, and lighting. Apart from that, you can use plenty of overlays to display a specific mood or upload your own.

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tons of patterns – Here, you can access 100 free backups with your account style. You also get access to 120 preset file simulation styles that will make your photos look amazing. Apart from that, you can retouch your photos and use tools like skin, liquefy, face shapes, and more! Finally, you can access global adjustments such as light, color, HSL, toning, smoothing, detail, and many more! This is just a taste of what you can expect in this advanced app.

smart tools – To make things easier for users, Polarr allows you to batch export photos. It also uses artificial intelligence to detect objects, faces, and cut objects. This app also has backups and syncs filters across all devices. This will give you the confidence you need to create as many masterpieces as possible.

Easy interface – This app can be used even by beginners! You don’t need any photo editing skills to use it thanks to the user-friendly interface. You can easily access everything you need with just a few clicks.

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Share your masterpieces easily – You can also easily share your photos by creating a QR code and short codes! This alone is a game changer among photo editing apps!

Download Polarr Pro APK for Android – Latest Version

Polarr is a lifesaver photo editing app that allows users to easily create amazing photos. Download the latest version and enjoy now.

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