Pokémon Cafe Mix APK 3.80.0 Free Download for Android

Pokemon has always been very popular. Even though the first Pokemon game was released in 1996, the franchise is still going strong to this day. The anime is still going on and so are the games! There are many Pokemon games out there today but only a few stand out! If you like Pokemon and puzzles, this game is for you!


Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​a puzzle game developed by The Pokémon Company. Although the game is new, it has already gained some popularity thanks to its ever-supportive fans! But unlike other Pokémon games, this one does not include battles and action sequences. Here, you will run a Pokemon Café for your Pokemon! But things are not so simple. First you need to solve puzzles to complete customer orders. If you’re curious, read on!

What is Pokemon Cafe Mix?

The Pokemon franchise has been very successful over the decades. They have brought a lot of fun and excitement to the community to this day. Due to its popularity, countless movies, anime, games, and even trading cards have been created featuring our favorite Pokemon characters! If you like Pokémon and puzzles, you will love this game!

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Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​a new game that lets you run a Pokémon cafe and serve customers! In this amazing game, you will solve challenging and cute puzzles to serve your customers’ orders. To do this, you need to swirl the Pokémon icons in order to connect them to each other. Apart from that, you can get new Pokemon to help you run the café! And as you progress, you will get new Pokémon that come as customers and you can expand your operations! Read below for more!

Pokémon Cafe Mix features

Pokémon Cafe Mix isn’t your typical battle-type Pokémon game. In this you will be running a Pokemon Cafe full of Pokemon employees serving Pokemon customers! Here are the features of the game:

Unique gameplay – Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​not your typical Pokémon game full of action scenes and battles. Although this is a Pokémon game, it is set in a world where Pokémon thrive and serve each other. This means that the cafe is run by Pokémon themselves to serve other Pokémon! This cute game is full of dazzling puzzles, food and all kinds of Pokemon! In this game, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful gameplay and graphics! Nothing will pressure you to fight here.


Solve the Puzzles – Although Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​a simple game, it has some challenging elements. When a Pokemon is requested in your cafe, you can only offer it after completing a puzzle! Solve the puzzles by dragging the Pokémon icons in a circular motion to connect them together! There are tons of challenging puzzles to get away from in Pokémon Cafe Mix! You can even get help from Pokémon staff to help you solve puzzles quickly!

Pokemon Recruit – Since the cafe in Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​run by Pokémon, that means you need to recruit your favorite Pokémon to help you! Serve delicious treats and create special bonds with your Pokémon staff.


High quality graphics – Pokémon Cafe Mix’s graphics are unique even from all the Pokémon games out there! It has a mix of cute elements and fluid animation! It does not have 8-bit retro style graphics like its contemporaries because it is a unique game!

Expand your cafe – In Pokémon Cafe Mix, as you progress you can add new things to your cafe such as a new area, new shelves, new pillows and more!

Pokemon Cafe Mix APK

Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​an attractive and interesting Pokemon puzzle game! Download Unlimited Money now and enjoy all the features!

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