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Simulation games are everywhere just like ants are everywhere. So, what happens when you combine mimicry and ants? You get ant pocket! This game from Ariel Software is an interesting game that has garnered more than 100k downloads so far.


Here, an ant will become part of a colony. Collect the resources and bring them back to your home. Breeder and ant soldier, feed your queen, customize your nest and more! You will also need to fight and capture other creatures and get them to join your army. This way, you can raid other player’s colonies and get crazy rewards and resources. Basically, it will do everything an ant does!

Introduction to ant pocket

Ants are everywhere. We don’t really notice them but they do a lot of things! From gathering resources to feeding their queen – they work hard! Many people consider them as pets because they are wonderful creatures. But are you curious to know what life would be like as an ant?

Ant pocket apk latest version

No need to be curious anymore as you can try it all out in Pocket Ants! In this simulation game, you will become a part of an ant colony. Thus, you have to collect resources, feed the queen, improve your nest rooms, defend your resources from other enemy ants, raid other players’ colonies, collect all the creatures and recruit them into your army too! There are a lot of things you can do as an ant. And most importantly, you will enjoy the simple and fun life of ants!

Pocket Ant Features

Ants are among the most interesting creatures on our planet. They can hold up to 10 times their own weight! They seem to be indefatigable creatures. If you want to experience what it’s like to be on them, then Pocket Ants is for you. Here are its features:

collect resources – We all know that ants are everywhere and they reach your food almost instantly if you leave it unattended for too long. This is because they must always gather resources so that their queen can be fed and be able to reproduce. They also need to gather resources so that they have enough stocks when winter comes or rainy days. In Pocket Ants, you will do the same! You can collect a lot of resources such as nuts, leaves, mushrooms and more. This will allow you to build your colony!

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Improve your nest rooms – Of course, you also need to improve the nest rooms so that you can take in more resources! There are levels for this and you can improve them to unlock more rewards! This will also allow you to house more ants in your colony. Get out there and get to work!

Defeat and capture other creatures – Of course, you are not the only ant colony out there. You will also encounter red ants. Defeat them to get extra items every day! You will also encounter other creatures! You must collect these creatures and make them stronger. They will help you defend your colony later.

Storm another player’s ant colony – As mentioned, you are not the only ant colony out there. You’ll also need to raid another player’s ant colony to claim crazy extra resources and items! All this will allow you to increase the number of workers and your army. After that, you also need to complete daily missions to get some epic rewards!

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Interesting 8-bit graphics – What makes this game so nostalgic is the 8-bit graphics! What better way to play as an ant than with some cool designs and epic effects?

Download Pocket Ants Mod APK – Unlimited Money & Gems

Pocket Ants allows you to play as an ant in a colony and enjoy a lot of things! Download now to become the biggest colony around!

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