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Park Master is another great parking game for Android. From the developers of KAYAC Inc. Park Master is designed to test your skills behind the wheel. Addictive gameplay and lots of challenging levels make this a great game to pass the time on the bus or before drifting off to sleep. Funky music, colorful level design and lots of puzzles – this is a simple yet compelling puzzle game designed to kill time.


Like other games of this genre, Park Master involves using your finger to draw a pattern on the screen. You are in charge of the parking center and your main task is to make sure that every car is parked safely and in the right place. Unfortunately, the parking center customers are not very smart, and they often get mixed up in places! Do you have what it takes to unravel the intricate car mess?

How to beat park master levels

There is no easy guide for Park Master. The levels get progressively more difficult as you spend more time in the game, though after a while the mechanics should feel like second nature. Remember, if you want to boost your way through the levels, you can always down Park Master mod apk for full customization and skip the level.

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Understand the mechanics of the game

There are few rules in the world of Park Master. Other than the fact that you need to take charge of these different vehicles (and make sure they are parked in the right place), you can proceed to solve the levels the way you see fit. It could be speed or accuracy, and all you have to do is make sure none of the cars hit each other!

All cars are moving at the same time

This is by far the hardest part of Park Master. Every car moves at the same time, you can’t wait for every car to pass each other…you might crash! Part of mastering a Park Master is understanding the timing of each vehicle. You need to plan a route that allows plenty of space between cars. All you have to do is draw a line with your finger that leaves plenty of space between the parking cars…otherwise you might end up with a bad crash and an unhappy admin!

Park Master for Android

Avoid obstacles

There are not a few cars to park, that would be very simple. Whoever designed this parking lot was clearly not thinking long term, there are all kinds of crazy obstacles you need to solve. Guiding cars around the parking lot starts out easy (especially when it’s only one car), but as more and more people get into the lot… things get more complicated! It’s a good idea to plan your path of attack before you start, otherwise you might get disoriented.


Park master apk

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