My Talking Angela APK download

Do you want to have an angry best friend that you can develop and dance with? Download My Talking Angela APK for Android to have a cute cat that responds to your actions, can be trained how to behave, and can even learn to sing and dance for you. what are you waiting for?


The female version of My Talking Tom, this game is developed by Outfit7 Limited – a veteran developer of children’s games. The basic premise of the game is to raise, feed and train your cat named Angela. Obviously, this game is well suited for young players and will keep your kids entertained for many hours.

If you’re an older player then dive in, this game is fun enough for anyone to enjoy – who wouldn’t want to train a virtual pet to dance for them? You can even decorate and bathe your cat’s home in this fun and friendly game.

Play puzzles and games of skill

This game not only allows you to develop your pet and design his home but also to play skill games designed to test your reflexes and ability. This will help your pet develop mentally and physically, as well as socially and intellectually.

The games are obviously designed to help you develop your problem-solving as well, making the game more ideally suited to younger players who are still developing. Help your pet become the best version of himself by playing skill games and solving puzzles.

Wash them. You can take care of your pet, making sure they are fed, bathed and looking sharp all the time. This will keep them happy, clean and more fun to be around.

dress them up There is a huge wardrobe to choose from, which means you can choose any outfit you would like to dress up your pet in. This is sure to keep you entertained all evening long as you figure out what to wear your pet.


Make her dance. Teach your pet to dance to your favorite music – be it K-pop, indie or disco. Take care of your pet and she will gladly and happily dance for you like a Russian bear.

My Talking Angela apk

Do you want to experience the game with no restrictions? Download Unlimited Money apk for My Talking Angela to be able to buy any clothes or toys for your pet and decorate the house without having to wait to unlock things. Enjoy!

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