My Hotpot Story Mod APK 1.3.3 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

My Hotpot Story MOD APK

My Hotpot Story MOD APK is a restaurant simulation game available for download on both IOS and some Android devices. In Hotpot Story MOD APK, you are expected to build different types of kitchen to help people keep eating well; In this restaurant game, you are recruiting different types of acceptable girls so that guys can be attracted to them and they can come and eat in the restaurant and maybe they can get one of the girls for themselves and be able to come back and eat to satisfy the girl.

My story in hotpot mod apk

The Hotpot Story MOD APK for Android is a fun and exciting game with eye-catching graphics and effects. The gameplay is very simple, and you will always look forward to playing it. Building different gyms in other places will not be that difficult, especially when you get enough money from your clients.

In-depth knowledge of My Hotpot Story Mod APK.

My Hotpot Story MOD APK is an idle restaurant simulation game created and managed by yourself or other team members; You might get it for yourself when it seems like the work might be too much for you. When you’re looking to recruit people who can help work with you hand in hand, you need to make sure that they understand what it entails to have in the kitchen. You will be the CEO of the company and take care of the customers who come to the restaurant to eat, whether they are men, girls, boys or women.

When your customers come and tell you what food they’re dreaming of, it’s up to you to figure out what ingredients to put in that person’s food. You are expected to help them get their dream food and come back again every time they feel hungry. You may start in a restaurant that is not yours, and gradually you can build yourself up and establish rules and regulations that you think will benefit them.

my hotpot story mod apk download

You may meet random people getting customers to eat their dream food. So you tell them and who knows if they might taste it and as soon as they can enter your restaurant you will ask them in person how they want to eat in the next six months, some customers may want regular foods while some want irregular foods.

Instead of having your customers come over to eat and drink soda, you can do a general training where they come together to eat and learn how to do it perfectly without overusing the ingredients. Then, you can eat the food of your dreams without going to a restaurant to buy it and wasting money.

Customers and customers choose where they can get the best food, so you should try to improve the components of your kitchen as much as you can and make it always neat. Also make sure there is nothing wrong with it; If so, you should do this immediately before your customers lose interest in it.

My Hotpot Story MOD APK English version is an interesting and interesting game for you to play and enjoy; The graphics are undoubtedly beautiful and make you play your game over and over again.

my hotpot story mod apk for android

Features of My Hotpot Story MOD APK.


You will be a restaurateur for all your customers in a hotspot restaurant. However, your first customers will be anyone, and you have to convince them that you have the best food. You get them to eat well and make the right places an insect enough for people to notice, and by consistency you make them fit, and they will get the body they deserve.

Aside from making people eat what they deserve, you should be able to improve your kitchen almost every day. You will need money to be able to do this. There are challenges that you will answer and make you eligible for the money, you are asked to collect good points from your customers, which can be water and anything else, then you use it to buy kitchen and restaurant utensils. You can open new restaurants with this cash amount.

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Hot Points & Unlimited Money

In the latest version of My Hotpot Story MOD APK, points are the most important thing to take seriously, you can get these points from customer ratings for food by them constantly coming back to eat and giving you extra coins, once they eat well all you have to do is to collect it and add it to the other you requested. Once you reach a point, it automatically becomes a hotspot that you can use to upgrade your restaurant. After that, you have unlimited money for My Hotpot Story MOD APK.

Graphics and Effects

My Hotpot Story MOD APK Free Download is designed like a realistic restaurant that you see in your daily life; The restaurant’s well done work adds to the beauty of the restaurant, and they are the highlights of the restaurant. In addition, the graphics of My Hotpot Restaurant MOD APK are quite striking.

my hotpot story mod apk unlimited money


Download My Hotpot Story MOD APK must be your favorite game whenever you want to have fun and see how the restaurant thrives.

If you also have a passion for being a caterer then you must download this game and train yourself, you will get better with time.

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