Muviz Edge Mod APK (Pre-Unlocked) Free Download

As far as we know, music has always been a part of our lives. Looking back at the history of music, the songs, sounds and rhythms have been used and enjoyed by almost everyone. We use music as a form of entertainment, therapy, escape, closure, and other applications. But what about the visual side? If there was a way to make you feel happy visually, along with your music, wouldn’t you want it? Download Muviz Edge for Android for the best visual music experience.

The first of its kind – customization and selection of color palette

Muviz Edge for Android allows users to customize their visualizer designs. They are offered through different packages that can be selected at any time. Match your own style and choose what looks right on you!

Muviz Edge Mod Apk

In addition, the colors can be applied for various applications. Have you ever used a visualizer app before? Probably not, because this is the first of its kind! Use different color palettes for:

  • Add color palettes to your music album cover art, album art, and trace art to the songs currently playing on your Android device.
  • Have them add and automatically apply them to your existing album/track art.
  • Add your own custom color palettes to add your own glow to the music playing experience.
  • Or you can use the specific color palettes that have already been presented to you. Muviz Edge’s preset color palettes have enough variety for everyone to find their favourite.
Muviz Edge Mod Apk
  • At the end add a list of your favorite color palettes and alternate between them. Any color can be included in your favorites and used later in your personal color collection.

Control your visualizer choices

  • First of all, you have the ability to choose your music source for visualization. Be it through Google Music or any other available music players.
  • And you can blur the background and keep your screen on the whole time the visualizer is being actively used.
  • If you want to remove Muviz Edge visualizer, you can hide effects during certain applications. If you want to enjoy your game, but prefer to keep the visualizer on your device, just hide it for a while.
Muviz Edge Mod Apk
  • On that note, you can decide which apps will display the visualizer and which won’t. The choice is ultimately up to you. You can play music and fantasies while using other apps. Or you can choose to hide the option completely until you’re back in your music player app.

Muviz Edge Mod APK Download for Android

Get the all-new music visualizer experience and download Muviz Edge Pro Mod APK for Android now! The easy way to entertain yourself while playing music. The first integrated music visualizer for Android mobile devices.

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