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There is something so satisfying about simulation games that we just can’t get enough of. Maybe their simple but addictive gameplay or their graphics. Either way, we have so many of them now on the market that they’re unlikely to ever stop making them.

Among the most addictive is a game called Muscle Clicker Gym Game. Sure, the title is long and not exactly catchy but it has more to offer. This game shows you what it’s like to make someone slim muscular with hard work in gym. If you’re excited, read on!

Ultimate gym app

When you think of gym games, they contradict themselves. Ironically, they made a game for people to exercise, but they spend it playing the app on their phone. Although there are plenty of home workout apps out there, Muscle Clicker Gym is not one of them.


This game is more complex and more interesting. If you are lazy about exercising, you can just download this game and exercise for another man! This is the whole premise of the game. At first, your character is so skinny he can barely run on an exercise bike. He can’t even lift 10kg weights without panting! But your task is to make this guy as healthy and muscular as possible. The only way to do this is through exercise.

In this game, you need to do sports in order to earn money. But this is not easy as your stamina runs out when you have been exercising continuously for a period of time. Don’t let it get less than 20%! Then, when you have enough money, you can buy more equipment to help you gain muscle and money. Basically it’s just a cycle of this but as you gain more you can also increase your strength, stamina and more.

All in all, this game teaches you that hard work is required in order to make some gains. Just like in real life, the game hopes to inspire people to exercise. It is not a bad game after all. However, the only exercise you will get out of this game is by using your fingers by constantly tapping all the time.

Muscle Clicker Gym Game Features

Muscle Clicker Gym Game might just be a simple and trendy game but it has a lot to offer. Many people do not realize that this game will inspire them to practice in real life because they will see the progress of their character. So, without further ado, here are the features of this amazing game:

Simple controls – This game has incredibly simple controls. It’s as simple as tapping the screen repeatedly or just tapping it. As you play with different sports equipment, you will find that some of them have different control mechanics. But the controls are the same for everyone – tap on the screen. How could such a simple game achieve over a million downloads? We don’t know either but maybe it has something to do with how simple this game is. People love the simple controls especially when they are at home playing this game.

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Increase your muscles – In Muscle Clicker Gym Game, you receive 1 status point for each level you complete. After you get it, you can use it to raise your arms and legs strength and endurance. This will allow you to work out faster and stronger than before. Try to aim for as many as you can and see how your character develops both physically and mentally. Your character will go from a skinny guy to a super fit guy.

Earn money exercising – If working out in real life was going to make us money, almost all of us would probably be exercising day in and day out, right? Well, that’s a fact in this game! Every dumbbell you lift, every time you run, every time you work out, you earn money. In turn, you can use the money you earned to buy more gym equipment. There are many gym equipments that you can buy such as dumbbells, exercise bikes, deadlifts and even a protein shake! This will give you the equivalent strength or energy. For equipment, you can purchase larger equipment based on kilograms or the speed you provide.

Offline mode – These days, there are a lot of new games that need an internet connection in order to enjoy them. Popular titles include Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, and Fortnite. However, one thing these games do not have in common is that they cannot be played offline. Muscle Clicker Gym Game offers unique gameplay that is even available to play offline! This means that you no longer have to get bored of riding the subway or waiting for the bus. Just grab your phone and start playing this game anywhere you want.


personalization – Apart from the physical transformation of your character, you can also customize his shirt and shorts! You can choose from a wide range of colors to give it variety. In this way, you will not get bored or the game will not be redundant. But let’s face it, no one is going to use this feature, right? Either way, it’s good to have!

Tips for playing Muscle Clicker Gym

This gym simulator game couldn’t be simpler. However, there are things that only experienced gamers know. here they are:

Try to play moderately – Your character depends on his stamina more than you think. Just like in real life, you can’t exercise non-stop! You need some rest times between exercise sessions. In this game, when you see that your character’s stamina is close to 20%, try to stop training and wait for it to regenerate. In the meantime, you can go to the store and see what equipment you can buy next. Or you can customize your shirt or short to any color that suits your preference. After that, you can go back to playing sports!

Muscle Clicker Gym APK

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