Murmur APK 2.3.4 download – latest version for Android

Brief description of Murmur APK

There are moments when you would love to express yourself, and at times, you wouldn’t want to do it through text messages. Voice over is the best way to express yourself, and with Murmur APK 320 you can quickly and easily communicate and record your thoughts as recordings.

murmur apk for Android

Murmur APK for Android is a lifestyle app that records how your day went on a daily basis. The app works with your calendar, so you can enjoy daily updates and continuous recording over time. Everyone has something they go through every day, which can be a happy moment, or a sad moment, or something that interests them, and with this app, you are given a safe space to properly speak about what you want.

It can be said that this application is very useful, and it is recommended that you have it on your phone. With its various features and usefulness, it wasted no time in becoming a highly rated mobile app as thousands of people have joined the service, which is constantly growing. You can also start using this app as Murmur APK 30 download is available here, and it can be installed right away.

To enjoy a better user experience with improvements and new features, it is recommended to install the latest version of Murmur APK on your device. It was first released on April 27, 2020, and is published by Hori. Mostly everyone can use this app because it is available for everyone above the age of 3+. However, your Android device must be updated to a specific operating system as it must be compatible with the app before using it.

The usage of the app is said to be accessible since there are no complicated processes and once you start using it you will quickly get around it and start using it. A few guidelines will make it easier for people to navigate around the app.

Let’s say you are looking for a highly rated app that will give you the freedom to express yourself appropriately through audio recordings, as well as the convenience. This application is the perfect choice for you.

murmur apk free download

One thing people should note is that this app is accessible because the developers have made it free for all devices. If you are interested to get and use this app then Murmur APK free download can be done here. Once installed, you can start using it and enjoying the benefits.

What can you do on Murmur APK?

This app is full of exciting things that users can do. There are many great features that people will love, once you install the APK file and accept all the required permissions, it also gives you access to your devices, calendar, microphone and speaker so that you can use it properly.

The main reason behind creating this app was to provide people with a useful tool and a way to express themselves through audio recordings appropriately. This is useful because there are times when you do not want to express yourself through writing but rather speaking and recording your feelings through spoken words. This app works through your calendar so daily updates can be taken.

When using the app, you can start recording by clicking on the specific day and pressing the new entry button, which leads you to start a new recording. From there, you can start journaling and recording how your day went. This application works on an emotional system, and there are different levels of emotions in this application. You can choose how you feel, whether you’re happy, sad, angry, or more. It is advised to record your actual mood as it can be used to capture your feelings and track your progress properly. Your feelings can also be customized, and there are different ways to make them appear. When users have finished recording their feelings, they can continue to save them on their devices on different platforms. Users can also enjoy uploading them to different cloud servers, so that your records are always secured.

murmur apk mod

There is also a Murmur APK file that gives users a totally different experience when using this app. The feature that comes with this download is that all the in-app purchases on the app are available, this is useful as users are given access to everything, and this will make using the app more attractive.

Great features on Murmur APK

This application has various features. Some of them include the following:

In this application, statistical updates tell you how many records have been uploaded to the database for each period. It is constantly updated over time, so you will always be updated on how you are using the app.

View your past records by touching the date on the calendar and listen to the stories you recorded for that day. This is good as you can look back on your past days and track how your mood has improved or decreased. You can also enjoy editing your previous recordings by adding more content to them, or if you are not satisfied with them, you can delete them and record them again.

Make sure you never miss a day by setting a standard time to receive notifications on when you have to make recordings. You can set a specific time to receive push notification every day.

Once you start the app you are logged in automatically, but this can be avoided when you lock the app by setting a password to ensure that only you can access your account. This is vital because privacy is essential, your recordings are personal, and only you should have access to them.

murmur apk download

This app has been made very user friendly as it is easy to navigate and navigate. People never have problems using the app as there are no complicated processes involved. Once you start using the app, you won’t have any problems.


If you want to express yourself through spoken words and search for a safe space, then Murmur APK is the perfect app for you. Update your diary daily with your thoughts and express your feelings freely

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