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Simulation games have become part of the norm these days. A lot of games being developed seem to belong to this category. why? Well, in part because it’s fun and a waste of time for most people! They focus on one theme/topic and touch on all things related to that.


Mining Inc. From Green Panda Games is a popular mining simulation game with over 500k installs in the Google Play Store. In this game, your ultimate goal is to create a mining empire and earn a lot of money. Automate your way to victory as you buy new machines, hire new people, and plant new buildings! Curious for more? Read on!

What is a mining company?

As simulation games like The Sims have been a hit in the past and now more and more games are following suit. There are a lot of games now under this category and they focus on one game so that you can enjoy unlimited playability. This trend seems to be continuing these days with the advent of a new simulation game.

Mining Inc. is a mining simulation game by Green Panda Games. In this game, you will see what it’s like to build a mining company from scratch! At first, you will have fewer equipment, buildings, and people. But as the income from mining increases, you can increase that income. This is how business is made in real life. Here, you will learn a lot about what makes a successful mining company. And you will find that it is not easy to operate.

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But in terms of fun, this game can keep you entertained for hours. You will find that you will be obsessed with generating more income in your company. You will do everything just to speed up the process or automate the process. That’s what it’s like to play a mining simulation game. For more information about this amazing game, read on!

Advantages of Mining Inc.

Mining Inc. A simple simulation game, but it’s not! In this game, you will experience everything related to running a successful mining company. If you’re curious, here are its features:

Upgrade buildings, vehicles and machines – As in any mining company in real life, the goal is to upgrade everything. Of course, at the beginning of the game there will be fewer equipment, vehicles and machines. But as you progress, you will find that you need to upgrade these in order to keep up with production and demand. That’s what it’s all about scaling your business, otherwise you’ll be stuck with the same output and profits. However, you need to do it gradually. You don’t need to upgrade everything at once. You can upgrade them by one.

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Gemstones – In this game, you will start with one production line – a gold mine. This is how you build a successful mining game. But as you progress in the game, you can unlock other mines like diamonds, rubies, and other gems! This is the fun part of this game, you can earn more money in this game. Your task is to find other gems.

hire people – To build a successful company, you need to hire people. But not just anyone, the best in their field! Here, you need to gather the best managers to manage each production line. You can assign them according to their skills so that you can increase productivity in your company. This is how you make more money. But you will get weak cards in the beginning but you can upgrade them over time!


unique boosters – In this game, to make production faster, you can get unique boosters. But you will get it after you reach certain prestige levels. This is how to make your production run faster to earn more money! Be on the lookout for these things because they will make everything a lot easier.

many challenges – At Mining Inc. There are a lot of mining challenges that you can take part in. You need to complete these challenges to unlock new content! This will make this game more interesting.

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epic graphics – In this game, graphics are a big part of the game. And on this one, the graphics are epic! The design is similar to the famous Clash Royale game, especially the chests. But in this game, there are a lot of elements that you will enjoy. From cards (managers) to buildings, there are tons of things to do.

Simple controls – Since this is just a simple simulation game, the controls are simple enough that even beginners can get it right away! You can just click the necessary items if you need.

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Mining Inc. It is a great mining simulation game that has a lot of elements to make it more interesting. But if you want to speed things up and get more people, buildings, and mechanisms right away, just download Free Shopping now!

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