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Novels have been around longer than the internet. For this reason, many people longed for novels even in the age of technology. Now with the technology we have, we can create something epic. We can now read novels on our smartphones! But to take it up a notch, we can even read and interact in the novel we’re reading! If you like novels, you will love this game!


May: Interactive Stories is a new simulation game developed by CINAMON GAMES. In this game, you will read and engage in a well-written novel complete with animation and music! Select your responses and create an outcome that works for you. You can also customize your character and interact with others! Read on to find out more!

What is Maybe: Interactive Stories?

Many people like novels! It gives a different vibe than movies or TV shows. Long before the camera was made, novels dominated the world. And they are still popular today! But most of the novels are now in digital format to be read using smartphones, tablets and computers. If you are looking for a new game, this game is perfect for you!

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Maybe: Interactive Stories is an interactive storytelling game that you can be a part of! Traditionally, we had no control over what the outcome of the novel would be. But now thanks to technology, new interactive games are a thing. Possibly: Interactive Stories is one of the best interactive novels because it offers full animation, options and character customization! In this game, you will encounter a lot of adventures, problems, characters and romance! Read on to find out more.

Maybe features: Interactive stories

May: Interactive Stories is a popular interactive novel that allows you to choose your own story! Apart from that, there are a lot of stories in this game. Here are its features:

Unique gameplay – Usually when we think of novels, we don’t think of them as novels. It is usually a one-sided experience in which the end is already predetermined. But in Might: Interactive Stories, you get to choose which way your story goes! It is an interactive novel which means that the game allows you to decide what you will do in certain scenarios. Your choices will affect how the characters and the story unfold. Therefore, you have to choose wisely and according to your desires!


Lots of stories to choose from – In May: Interactive Stories, there are plenty of stories to choose from! These include: Royal Blood, Triangle of Kisses, Princess Irene, Lord of Demons, My Ex is so Into Me, A Good Day to Be a Dog, Empress Empress, Lady in Armor, and A Bite of You. But don’t worry, the app will update more stories in the future. All of these stories are famous and well written. They are popular comic readers like Webtoon and Naver.

full animation – In May: Interactive Stories, there are gorgeous illustrations created by several illustrators for each chapter! This will give life to the characters, stories and overall gameplay. If you are a fan of stories, this will really amaze you because the characters you loved will come alive! Best of all, they’re in full color and moving.

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personalization – Apart from that, in Might: Interactive Stories, you can customize your character! You can add your name, choose your clothes and hairstyle! There are many things to choose from depending on the story. This will allow you to get a personal touch in the game.

Easy controls – In May: Interactive Stories, since this is an interactive novel, the controls are easy. You just need to tap on the screen accordingly.

Download Maybe: Interactive Stories APK – Unlimited Diamonds

Maybe: Interactive Stories is an epic interactive novel that lets you run your own story! Download the latest version now!

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