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MOBA games have recently become popular thanks to the emergence of games like Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, and Vainglory. Millions of gamers have become addicted to MOBA as evidenced by the rise of these games. On the other hand, Marvel has become a huge franchise as it churned out one hit movie after another. Combine these two and you get Marvel Super War!


Marvel Super War is a MOBA game developed by NetEase Games and has 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store! In this amazing game, you will play as one of the iconic Marvel heroes trying to demolish the other team’s base. You will work with teams of 5 each with their own roles. If you like MOBA and Marvel, this is perfect for you! Read on to find out more.

What is Marvel Excellent war?

When we look back, MOBA games were first played on PC. It quickly grew to become popular thanks to games like Dota 2. Now, it has evolved and taken over the mobile gaming market. Joining the hype is Marvel’s MOBA!

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In Marvel Super War, you can play as your favorite superhero like Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Deadpool, and more! You will play against a team of Marvel superheroes and try to protect your base while destroying the other team. This is a real-time game in which you will play with a hero who has unique skills that you can use against opponents. Unlike PC, Marvel Super War has a fairly easy control system that you can get used to very quickly. If you are fond of MOBA games as well as Marvel, this is the perfect game to play! Read on to find out more.

Marvel Super War features

Marvel Super War is a unique MOBA that features awesome characters as heroes! Engage in exciting wars as you destroy enemy towers! Here are its features:

tons of heroes – In Marvel Super War, there are a lot of heroes to choose from. Collect over 100 of the MARVEL Super Heroes you love such as Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Storm and more! Each character is unique and they incorporate their strengths in this game. Whatever you need, you can definitely find a champion that matches your style. Whether you are a close-range fighter or a long-range specialist, choose from a wide variety of characters in this game! However, you need to master each hero’s skills in order to be effective. They each have unique skills, so it will be a battle for who can use their hero most effectively.


Simple controls – Compared to playing MOBA on PC, Marvel Super War has very easy controls. The controls are optimized for mobile gameplay, so you don’t need to do much. You can move your character using the virtual pad on the left and then use your skills on the right. There are normal buttons as well as skill buttons on the right, so take note. Apart from that, the Chat and Settings buttons are located on the upper side of the screen.

team format – In this game, every map is 5v5. This means that you can collaborate with your friends or family if you choose. Each player has a unique personality so team play together.


Epic graphics and animations – Since Marvel Super War is a Marvel game, it only makes sense that the graphics are top notch! This is the case in Marvel Super War. Everything is flawlessly made including the animation.

Download Marvel Super War APK

Marvel Super War is an epic MOBA that uses Marvel characters as heroes! Download unlimited money now to unlock all heroes instantly!

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