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If you are a fan of interactive story games and all the trendiest aspects of life, this is the game for you. Introducing Love Sick for Android. This story will feature an unforgettable cast of different characters whose lives intertwine with you. Follow the leading female characters and enjoy an amazingly entertaining interactive story that anyone can easily get into.

Explore your options

Make your way: There are many different outfits and trends that you can try on to develop your own individual and unique style. Don’t just dazzle yourself, amaze others and awaken the inner fashion star in you.

Find your match: There are three different options that you will have to find love. Which of these will you decide? You can choose between the tough and the soft billionaire who is looking for love. Try the evil, bloodthirsty vampire girl, or the arrogant and self-centered prince. Whichever you choose, there is no wrong answer about this story. Match with whoever you see fit and keep enjoying the game.

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Quick thinking options: There is a lot of pressure on your decisions in this interactive story. Every decision you make will have repercussions and affect the future. Therefore, it is better to remain sober and calmly assess each situation. Likewise, you will be tested a lot, as you will need to make instant decisions that can determine the entire course of gameplay.

What is your preference: In terms of future relationships, as we’ve pointed out — there are no wrong decisions. But, you will need to make sure that your choice is the one that you are sure of. Either way, you are the one who needs to make all the decisions yourself. Who is your true love? Think and then choose who is the perfect option.

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Original story: This game offers an original story with different characters and events that will keep anyone busy. Everything is yours to control.

There are other aspects to the Love Stick that are sure to keep anyone busy. But for that to happen, you will need to download Lock Sick game for Android first. So, if you already have an interest in the areas we touched on, go ahead and install now.

Various sick love stories

First, you are thrown into the finest university available in the world. However, there is just something about this specific university. Perhaps it is the fact that there are vampires and humans accept each other’s company. The royal ball is coming soon, where will your date be? This is the time to experience many girls from all over the world, as they fight for the available job.


The royal family was killed by the powers of a very dangerous woman. Once this happened, nothing was even the same. There are a lot of peasants, but you will turn your eyes to the perfect woman and turn her into a real princess.

Finally, a well-known and famous billionaire playboy is soon to be acquired. This should be known as the event of the year, if not the event of the entire generation. And now the press wants to fully cover this story. But, there was still something shady behind this man’s fiancée’s sense of humor. When undercover spies go in to investigate, what hidden mysteries are you destined to find? This is sure to be one of the biggest romantic experiences in anyone’s life.


The game’s visuals are also beautiful. The graphics are rendered in a 2D art style that shows character art and different aspects of the game. This is perfect for an interactive story game. You will spend most of your time watching the different character designs and getting used to all of them.


Players will be satisfied to experience the gameplay of the game. There will also be a lot of different scenes during your interaction. These moments will be entirely choreographed to show Love Sick’s unique artistic style.

So, sit back and enjoy engaging with this beautifully designed novel. Don’t forget to take the time to fully appreciate the visuals and graphics, which are also all in high definition.

Love Sick APK latest version

Now, you can go ahead and download Love Sick APK latest version for Android for free. There is not much to add to the modified version of the AOK file. Although this does not mean that this version is less superior than the original version. In fact, there are still other features and extras that will make you prefer the mod.

On that note, you will be able to save a lot of mobile data and storage when you decide to go this route. Why not? This is a great game with just the right amount of content. The original adaptation will only take up enough of your storage and data to feel the effects of the long spin. To maintain a healthy amount of consumption, you just need to have this version offered.

Love Is Sick Mod APK New Update

Not only that, but you will also be able to download a lot of other games and apps related to Love Sick Interactive Stories APK for Android. Don’t just stop at this interactive story; Go ahead and find more stories like this and other stories in the apps section to keep you busy.

However, download and install the APK now, and enjoy our other apps window shopping. We are quite sure that this will not be your only download on the website.

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