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Casual games have always been very popular in the mobile gaming industry. These are popular because they are easy to play compared to games like PUBG or COD: Mobile. Because of this, there are a lot of casual games that include easy gameplay. If you like these kinds of games, you will love this game!

Line-up Draw the Criminal apk latest version

Line Up: Draw the Criminal is a casual game developed by Kwalee Ltd. for mobile devices. This game has more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store. In this game, you will be drawing criminals to help the detectives catch them. Using your drawing skills, listen closely to the description of the victims so that you can draw them as accurately as possible. Can you help get justice? Read on to find out more.

What is Alignment: Draw the Criminal?

Casual games are always fun to play. It is easy to play and because of that, anyone can play it! It is not time consuming like games like Mobile Legends or complicated like other games. If you are looking for the latest casual game to play with, then this game is for you!

Line-up Draw the Criminal mod-apk

Line Up: Draw the Criminal is a game developed by Kwalee Ltd. This game has more than 500 thousand downloads in Google Play Store at present. In this game, you can let your in-house painting skills help the detectives catch criminals! over here,

Lineup Features: Draw the criminal

Line Up: Draw the Criminal is a great game that lets you attract criminals to help the detectives catch them! In addition, the game has many more features for you to enjoy! here they are:

Unique gameplay – When it comes to casual games, there are so many on the market today that it’s hard to see which ones are worthwhile. However, the developers come up with many unique games every day such as Line Up: Draw the Criminal! In this game, you will draw the criminal using your drawing skills to help the police catch the criminals! Unleash your drawing skills in this game so that the police can catch them. In this game, there are many levels which means you can draw a lot! But you don’t just draw blindly, you need to follow the descriptions exactly as well. This will allow you to accurately identify the criminal who did it and earn rewards!

Line-up Draw the Criminal apk-free-download

tons of levels – There are many levels in this game. In each one, you can draw one criminal according to the descriptions. As you progress, the difficulty will gradually increase. In the beginning, you will only need to draw simple sketches like a man with glasses and a T-shirt. Of course, you also need to paint correctly with the appropriate color. But in later levels, you will need to draw blurry eyes and more! There are many things in this game that you can do!

Graphics – The 3D graphics of this game allow you to easily catch criminals! Here, you don’t need exceptional drawing skills as long as the drawing can be seen clearly. After that, the victims are so well designed that you can identify the exact criminals who committed the crime! Everything in this game is so well designed that you can see it clearly.

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Easy controls – The game has done a good job of designing the drawing board so that you can easily draw criminals! Apart from that, you just need to select the criminals who committed the crime by tapping on the screen!

Clothes – In this game, you can unlock many outfits as you progress! It doesn’t necessarily increase your drawing skills but it is worth it!

Line Up: Draw Criminal APK – No Ads

Line Up: Draw the Criminal is a cool drawing game that allows you to draw criminals to help catch them! Download the latest version now.

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